Dreaming about Fashion Faux Pas and Going to Canada

As it happens, Penny is obsessed with flip flops (and has been for years). This photo comes from two summers ago, when a family friend sent her four pair that are still in circulation. She could show up for a speaking gig and they'd be fine. Me, not so much.

I’m heading to Toronto today for a quick trip–first, tonight, to meet in person my online friend Louise Kinross, editor of Bloom: Parenting Kids with Disabilities and then to offer some thoughts on achievement and identity as a Bloom speaker tonight. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be interviewed for television for the first time on 100 Huntley Street.

I’m excited and grateful and totally nervous.

I had a dream a few nights back that I was late to a speaking engagement that was somehow really important. And then I realized that I was wearing incredibly casual clothes–white capri cargo pants (believe it or not, I really do have a pair and I love them and they are not only old and comfy and incredibly casual but also missing a button), a black fleece, and flip flops. I went into the bathroom to try to make myself more presentable by taking off the fleece. I discovered a hot-pink t-shirt underneath and somehow the pants now had stripes of many colors, none of them pink. They were still cargo capris. In addition to the wardrobe malfunction, I then realized I hadn’t prepared a talk and I was about to walk into a huge auditorium of people who thought I would have something significant to say.

Hmm. Believe me now on the nervous part?

So off I go, and I will post the interview here and you will see that I am wearing the same outfit I’ve worn for virtually every speaking event I’ve done related to A Good and Perfect Gift–black jeans with a bright blue long sweater. No stripes, cargo pants, or flip flops involved. Depending upon your perspective, wish me luck, or say a prayer. Thanks.

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