What Matters to you during this Election?

I’m excited to report that Parents.com has asked me to offer the perspective of a political moderate through a series of personal reflections on the upcoming Presidential election. Along with Sharon Lerner (the “liberal” voice) and Suzanne Venker (the “conservative”), I will comment upon issues ranging from health care to education to whatever else comes up between now and November 6th. As I explained myself to readers:

We discovered that Penny has Down syndrome a few hours after her birth, and perhaps as a result I am increasingly concerned about political responses to issues including education, prenatal testing, health care, and support for individuals with disabilities. I am also interested in policy measures that would support both women and children, especially in relation to abortion.

Especially if you are a parent, what issues matter most to you as the election approaches?

To read an introduction to the series and to each writer, go to “Meet our 2012 Election Bloggers.”

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