How Do You Find a Boy With Autism Who is Lost in the Woods?

A friend passed along an amazing article about the search and rescue of Robert Wood Jr., a young boy with autism, who was lost in a Virginia park for five days last October: Catch Me If You Can. It’s an amazing story, but what struck me most of all was that the man who finally found Robert had no connection to the search and rescue. He wanted to remain anonymous for the article, but he described waking up on Friday morning and feeling as though he ought to go look for the boy. After he found the boy and called 911,

he issued a statement through the Hanover sheriff’s department: “I was guided by the Holy Spirit,” he said. “To take any recognition for finding Robert would take credit away from God.”

The article relates another story of a young girl who was found after 4 days of searching. Here, too:

THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT happened in the case of Nadia Bloom, the 11-year-old autistic girl lost in the swamps north of Orlando for four days. A man named James King, a member of the church Nadia attended, had a dream. In it he saw the girl sitting on a log in the swamp. God told him to “follow the sunrise.”

“He directed my path,” King later told Good Morning America. “I would be praying and calling out Scripture, and at one point I called out ‘Nadia,’ and I heard ‘What?’ ”

There’s more in this article than tales of miraculous intervention, including the positive change in Robert’s life on the heels of his time away from his family. And, as someone who believes in a God who intervenes with love in human lives, this article from Outside Magazine is also a reminder to pay attention to the whispers of the Spirit.



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