Tweets This Week: Disability, Muslim Abortion, Inclusion, and the Only and the Lonely

So my plan going forward is to offer a post every Friday that includes articles I’ve tweeted this week. I know I did this on Tuesday of this week, but from now on, Fridays are the plan. As it happens, this week I also had an interview on WordFM. Here’s the corresponding tweet in case you want to hear it:

“Why I Don’t #PrayForTheWorld Anymore”  My latest interview(Podcast June 10) on the John & Kathy Show

And here’s a list of articles you might find worth reading over the weekend:

“Taking a job just to make money…is probably going to be corrosive, even if you use the money for @nytimes

#Grouping Students by #Ability Regains Favor in Classroom” #Education@nytimes

 Surprising results from college nonbelievers interviewed by Christian foundation @TheAtlantic #Atheism#Christianity

“A Muslimah’s Story – I Chose to Have an#Abortion (Part One)” @Patheos#ProChoice

“What good will #PeopleFirstLanguage do when #DownSyndrome has been eliminated from the gene pool?” “#OnlyChildren: Lonely and Selfish?” @nytimes #FamilyPlanning

“#Technology celebrates connectedness, but encourages retreat.” “How Not to Be Alone” @nytimes #Communication

Check back in next week as I respond to George Estreich and post about Down syndrome, inclusion, and a trip to the zoo.

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