What’s Your Favorite Spiritual Memoir? (and other reading notes)

Some book and article notes in a sec, but first: What’s your favorite spiritual memoir? I’m looking for a good one. I’ve enjoyed Mary Karr, Anne Lamott, Martha Beck, and Kate Braestrup, to give you a sense of what I like. Any other favorites out there?

On the bedside table: I abandoned The Sun Also Rises a few weeks ago upon my second attempt. I had hoped that my enjoyment of The Paris Wife would turn me into a Hemingway fan. Alas, I still find it boring and repetitive. BUT then I was in between books and picked up A Moveable Feast, Hemingway’s non-fictional account of his years in Paris. This one, written much later in life than The Sun Also Rises but set in the same time period, I find quite enjoyable. Lovely writing, engaging and sympathetic characters. And I’m about to embark upon The Goldfinch for my book club.

As for shorter stuff:

I’ve been working on a short essay about money, so these articles particularly caught my eye:

http://ow.ly/sBSmy ‘It Is Expensive to Be Poor’ #Poverty@B_Ehrenreich @TheAtlantic

“For the first time in my life, I actually knew desperately poor people” http://ow.ly/sOwD2 #poverty @DaleHBourke@CTmagazine

http://ow.ly/sOAIQ We are letting #money #addiction drive too much of our society @nytimes


Dear ‘Daddy’ in Seat 16C ow.ly/sBKbg #Autism #SpeicalNeeds#Parenting @HuffPostBlog

Why are #parents “more focused on the braininess of their sons and the waistlines of their daughters”? @seththoughts http://ow.ly/sOzuP

#StayAtHomeDad leaves post-its for his wife http://ow.ly/sOz2T#Fatherhood #marriage

How influential is #media to the young people in our society?http://ow.ly/sBVve #TeenPregnancies #TeenMom @AnnieLowrey@nytimes


Why is it important for #families of children with #DownSyndrometo share their stories as publicly as possible? http://ow.ly/sC031

“[Don’t let] societal #expectations dictate all that a child can be” Bret Bowerman http://ow.ly/sBS1q #DownSyndrome #Disability

 Reading and Writing

 Successfully using #SocialMedia as a #marketing toolhttp://ow.ly/sBXDq @thewritelife

Happy reading, and, again–what’s your favorite spiritual memoir?

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