Great Music

Ah, the summer weekend. Is there much better than a summer weekend? I think not. So relaxing, so calm, so full of possibility. As you enjoy the next few days, here are a few songs to check out.

The first is Death Cab for Cutie’s “Brothers on a Hotel Bed“. This song, by an emo/rock group, is one of the best sad songs I have ever heard. It’s about a couple who is aging rapidly and forgetting their life together. It’s poignant, and the music is achingly good. To those who swear off modern music, Death Cab, as they are sometimes called, is in the habit of crafting great songs and setting them to moving, thoughtful lyrics. Not everything is recommendable to everyone, but they have some great music.

The second is Mr. J Medeiros’s “Constance“. Mr. J is a rapper with the group The Procussions. He recently put out a solo album. Even if you don’t like rap, you should listen to this song, as it’s about child pornography. It’s a haunting song, one that you won’t easily forget. The chorus is sure to stick in your head. Shows that rap can be meaningful, constructive, and moving. Pretty understandable, too.

The third is Timbaland’s “The Way I Am“. If you are looking for a song to exercise to, this one will up your mile time by a solid minute. It’s that good. I haven’t watched the video, so I don’t know what’s in it. But the song is a great dance/exercise tune, and we all need those. Timbaland is a great producer. Fun, and a good portion of his stuff is pretty harmless lyrically.

You can buy all of these songs on Itunes, I’m sure. They’re fun and thoughtful, and the last song is energizing. What would life, and a summer weekend, be without good music?

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  • Russell D. Moore

    Since you listened to a Brad Paisley song last month, I watched the Medeiros video. You are right: it is haunting and tragic.