The Week-est Link, January 25 2008

1. Thanks so much to all the bloggers out there who have linked to consumed. I really appreciate it, and thanks to all who left very kind comments last week about my blog. I was very encouraged as I always am by the commenters on this blog.

2. Here’s what looks like a perceptive and beneficial lecture on Islam and the claims of radical Islam. It was held at Capitol Hill Baptist last spring and has received very good feedback.

3. A well-rounded and persuasive piece on limited atonement, written by an SBTS student and friend named Bradley Cochrane. What’s nice is that the post is readable and relatively brief, unlike some of the stuff you see out there on the subject. (HT: Said at Southern)

4. Griffin House makes good, soulful music. I don’t think you’ve heard of him–I certainly hadn’t–but my buddy Ben Peays hipped me to him. Check out this song for sure–very melancholy and moving: “Tell Me a Lie.” Sort of country, folk, alt-rock. If you like the video snippet, buy the mp3. I can’t stop listening to it.

5. Excellent Collin Hansen piece on Barack Obama’s abortion views. Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate ever, according to some. Some may sneer at single-issue voting, but Christians should not, when that issue relates to the death of millions of babies. Hansen’s a fellow TEDS student and a very good writer. More on his work in the future. (HT: Justin Taylor)

Have a great weekend. It’s supposed to warm up here in Deerfield, which means that regular existence–characterized by such activities as moving and breathing–should resume soon.

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  • Ricky Love

    Owen, thanks for giving a shot out to Brad Cochran. He is one of my best friends and no dummy. I also enjoy you words and have enjoyed are talks in the pasy moy brother. May Gpd God prosper your life!