Excerpt Provocateur: Will Mancini’s “Church Unique”

On this new blog, we’re going for bigger and better. I want to update this site more often than I did the old one and keep things really humming along. Here’s a new feature I hope to use often: “Excerpt Provocateur”, which will give an interesting quotation that you (and I) might agree or not agree with. The point is not to simply post what I think, but to get your thoughts going. I’ll try to interact with your reflections on the excerpt as we go.

Today’s excerpt concerns the idea of “vision-casting”. From Will Mancini’s new Church Unique:

“Great vision-casting moments start by looking back momentarily before looking forward. It is critical that you draw attention to shared connections and experiences. You have to remind people why they would want to listen to you. Who are you to them, anyway? Many times the leader is relationally close to the people and doesn’t feel the need to retell the stories. But this is shortsighted. Other times, the leader is vision casting in a larger environment and is anxious to get to the meat. But you cannot deliver the meat of your vision without connecting first. My favorite quote from John Maxwell is that “leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” (185)

As a young, maturing man, I want to be open to wisdom from all sources. There seems to be something to this matter of connecting with one’s audience and, when possible, making a “heart” connection.

Of course, this sort of thing can get way out of hand, and the language in the excerpt (as with the book it comes from) can be rather business-focused. However, if one wants to be a leader (and I do, and I hope you as a reader do as well), one who helps people and blesses them by giving direction and inspiration, it makes sense to seek to help and connect with people.

Your thoughts?

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  • Mike Freeman

    If there hasn’t been any connection to the audience, the calls to action by a Pastor can tend to fall on deaf ears.

    Jesus used stories continually to connect with people. Using stories, he was able to reach people in ways he could not have by simply ‘preaching’ (though he did a lot of that too). His audiences connected with him, and in turn, they became open to his message.

    I know of a pastor that went back to school after completing seminary to get a master’s degree in storytelling- to date, he has been very successful in communicating his message. Stories aren’t the only way to connect with an audience, but it sure is one of the easiest.