Week-est Link, January 16, 2009

1. DTS had a rapper get a ThM and has the video to prove it.  Fans of Christian rap (and good rap in general) will recognize The Ambassador in this one.  Southern has Flame; TEDS, to my knowledge, only has Crosswords.  Who is he?  That’s a mystery for another day…

2. Chelsey Scott has the best song I’ve heard in a while, regardless of genre.  You must hear “Give Reviving” on her Myspace page.  Honestly, this isn’t one of those songs you can read about on this little blog, and think, ah, it’s probably not that good.  This is a tremendous bluesy-folk song, the this-should-be-written-about-in-the-New-York-Times type of musical excellence that Christians, frankly, don’t usually produce.  Get the song, buy her ep on iTunes, support this artist.  Seriously.  From this song, she sounds freakishly talented.

3. A bunch of friends’ blogs are made it to a top 100 Christian blogs list: Andy Naselli, Christ and Pop Culture, and others.  Congrats to them!

This blog is slowly creeping back to life, but please keep your expectations low.  Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

“Give reviving…”

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  • I heard a rumor Crosswords was hanging around Deerfield. Waiting for him to battle on the mic with MC-DAC or with Dizzle Swizzle…

  • Owen,

    I think another AWESOME song in this record is the “Abide with Me” Great arrangement. We do it quite a bit at our church.


  • Do keep blogging. Even if only sporadically.

  • goodsoldiers

    Crosswords = a white boy rapper, who does his best in a pink dress shirt and khakis 🙂

    Also a feared on the court!

  • owenstrachan

    I appreciate all of these comments, but have to give the award to Matt H. “Dizzle swizzle.” I’ll never look at my supervisor the same way…

    Glad you all are commenting–thanks for the patience, and thanks for sticking with me.