Making Men Moral: Closing Thoughts and Conference Audio

moral24Well, the dust cloud is settling.  The Making Men Moral conference is over.  It has been an incredible privilege to do this event.  I am hugely impressed with Union University, David Dockery, Micah Watson, Robby George and the other theorists who contributed to this exceptional conference.  My brain is so full of content right now that it’s hard to summarize it.  In short, let me just quickly say that I am leaving this conference with a renewed understanding of the connection between morality and law. 

If you come away with nothing else from these many summations, take home that point, and remind yourself that we have tremendous opportunity as Christians to influence the law and culture of this country for good.  Great things could happen, but they will not take place by accident.  Parents, teachers, churches, and social organizations of the Christian community need to invest themselves in the publishing of the gospel and the advancement of the kingdom.  But we must remember that while we need tons of them, many of our youth will not become pastors and missionaries. 

It is imperative, then, that we push them to engage society and culture from a deeply Christocentric viewpoint.  We should not allow our kids to coast by in school–we should push them from their earliest years to be leaders, thinkers, movers and shakers for the gospel.  We cannot cede this work to our Catholic and Jewish friends, as we did for many years.  We need to be deeply, deeply engaged in the culture, transforming it, renewing it, calling it to repentance and wholeness.

With that word, I conclude.  It has been an honor.  Blessings to all reading this out there, and many thanks for reading.

Here is the conference audio that is up so far: go to the conference website, and it’s all clickable from there. (updated 3/2/09)

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  • Tim Ellsworth

    We’re so glad you could join us for the conference, Owen. Thanks for your great coverage.

  • Deep

    want to join in ur conference