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  • theophilogue

    Rata-tat-tat-tat-tat! ! You got em’

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  • John GrrosVenor

    Our ministry has been called “incarnational” by some friends in Asbury Theological Seminary and George Fox Seminary. Twenty years ago, I’d never heard of those terms. Only “incarnation” as seen in John 1….

    We are American Indian tribal members. We put aside our own heritage and live in the culture(s) of the reservation where we serve.

    We dress like them, eat their traditional foods, take part in their ceremonies and I am in the sweat lodge ceremonies with men.

    Some of our ctitics in our denomination consider us to be:
    1) heretics
    2) pagan
    3) syncretistic
    4) back door evangelists

    It’s easy to sit in a comfortable pew, behing a neat, desk made of fine wood, dress in Italian shoes, and be inatellectual and well read on a subject and have the knowledge to debate be astute apoologists…
    and yet, have no idea what the life of “incarnation” means….how it smells, tastes, sounds, feels….

    I’ve had devout men in “Indian Ministry” spout absurd criticism… about our paganism and syncretistic life when they need to look at and examine their own churches.

    Some are what appears to me as embryonic intellectuals who have no idea how the ‘rest of the world’ really lives.

    Yet,as I read your article, there were a few

  • John GrrosVenor

    I hit the wrong button and did now allow myself to finish…sorry for my clumsiness…there were a couple questions came to my mind… if Paul spoke to Greek philosophers on Mars Hill…….I don’t think he was being incarnational….or talkikng to someone about Jesus…I’m not sure if I’d call that incarnational…

    To be incarntional among mega-rich people would be inpossible for me…unless I could use my VISA card to purchase a million dollar yacht and life their life style.

    No… I could not minister in an incarnational way…….but another brother might if he had the money….

    I think you are right…. about “Buz” wods….or cliches…and a lot of peope have no idea what they are talking about………
    Just “engaging the culture” I guess…………

    John GrosVenor