The Link 3.13.09: New Calvinism and Facebook Flaming

new-calv1. Neo-Calvinists, restless young theologians, we have been discovered by the secular media.  Time magazine just included “The New Calvinism” as one of its ten world-changing ideas (HT: JT).  This makes sense.  We are a weirdly fascinating bunch.  We defy a lot of the stereotypes held by non-Christians.  We’re thoughtful, culturally attuned, fun, and even cool (gasp).  Sure, we’ve got the whole Draconian predestination thing going on, but hey, we were predestined to believe it, right?

In all seriousness, someone should do a tv series on a neo-Reformed church plant.  How fun would that be?  Churches have all kinds of drama.  Secular producers do not know this because they do not like us.  But they’re sitting on a gold mine.  Seriously, someone should do a show based on Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll.  It would be insanely popular.  You heard it here.

2. Has anyone ever considered that the ultimate irony of the website/book Stuff White People Like is that, well, white people like it?  I find that really, really funny.  Lady Irony cuts sharp!

3. Because, when it comes to new media criticism, I have a brand going and I can’t disappoint, here’s a funny and cutting Weekly Standard piece on Facebook.

4. Southern Seminary PhD student Dave Schrock reviews NT scholar Simon Gathercole’s new book.  Very thorough.

–Have a great weekend, all.

(Illustration by Lorenzo Petrantoni for TIME)

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  • jordan buckley

    You know, it’s funny: Mark Driscoll has already been approached about having a reality show done about him. I’m glad he decided against it.

    Enjoyed the Weekly Standard piece too; it’s so fun to read an article that makes fun of you and keeps you from believing it’s ever really possible to be “cool.”