What Masculine Provision Looks Like: From Six Figures to Cleaning Urinals

This from a sobering story on the downturn from the NYT called “Forced from Executive Pay to Hourly Wage” by Michael Luo that follows a former six-figure executive in his daily work:

“Some unemployed professionals said they decided not to seek even part-time work because it might interfere with their job searches. But Mr. Cooper rises every day at 4 a.m. and, after a time of prayer, devotes two hours to his job hunt on the computer. He prints out a detailed call list of prospective employers to take with him, squeezing in phone conversations during breaks throughout the day from his pickup truck, which he calls his “office.”

“There were times I broke down,” Mr. Cooper said. “I broke down thinking, ‘This is what I’ve become.’ ”

But Mrs. Macias-Cooper, who admitted that she was initially embarrassed about her husband’s new job, says she is now grateful.

“There is no shame,” said Mrs. Macias-Cooper, who grew teary during an interview at their home. “I am very proud of my husband that he will go to any lengths, do whatever it takes, to keep his family afloat, if it means mopping floors, cleaning urinals.”

I might add that it seems that the Coopers are Christians of some sort.  The picture attached to the story shows them praying together.  Without knowing their denomination, I can say that Mr. Cooper’s efforts to support his family are exemplary.

It is no surprise, furthermore, that he attacks his janitorial work with such gusto, for his wife is clearly proud of him and a deep believer in his efforts to provide.  This is an easily overlooked aspect of strong masculine provision.  The support of a loving wife does alot to enfranchise a man and infuse his life and work with dignity.  Correspondingly, the lack of such support can do much to rob a man of his dignity.  Situations like that which the Coopers are facing are very difficult, but strong marriages can withstand them.

Would that the world had more men who took the burden of provision upon themselves, placing it squarely upon their back, and less men who leaned on their wives to carry the heavy load. Such action will have consequences, of course, and will regrettably mean less time at home, but we must trust that in our attempts to provide for those we love, we are doing honorable work that pleases the Lord.

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  • Wonderful to see this article about what men are suppose to be like. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Sue

    Its profoundly disturbing that no one has remarked that the six figure executive in this article is actually a woman, Ame Arlt, who is divorced and likely supporting a family alone. Mr. Cooper, with a former five figure salary remains married to his working wife.

    I intend no disrespect to Mr. Cooper, but the way some Christians ignore single women is truly bizarre. Why was this post not called “What feminine provision looks like.” Okay, she was not cleaning toilets, but then she seemed to have found the job herself, rather than being hired by a friend, as Mr. Cooper was.

    The article is clearly about those who have lost jobs, both men and women. Why has it become fodder for the manhood movement?

  • This highlights why we need to enforce immigration laws, and deport illegal aliens.

    Our economy is getting to the point where US citizens need those jobs illegal aliens do, such as janitorial work, landscaping, butchering, and farming.

    Want to cure the unemployment rate that is skyrocketing? Get rid of illegal aliens. It’s quite simple. Enforce the laws on the books.

  • lewsta

    Deporting all the illegal aliens, the mythical along with the breathing, might help open up a few menial service type jobs for some Americans desparate enough to work them. Trouble is, most of the work done by “illegals” is work we Yanks won’t do anyway. Far too many citizens are sitting back, waiting for government-as-saviour to DO something. Which they’ve been doing, but oh, the decisions they’ve made. Putting is all in pawn for the next two generations. What is needed, desparately and immediately, is for government to relieve the tremendous burthens placed upon private enterprise with taxation, restrictions, regulations, and to insist that some of this “bailout money” be made available for the capitalisation of enterprise. It was the Second German War that pulled the US out of the Great Depression. How? By ramping up production, which put millions to work, with paychecks. The New Deal and WPA did far too little. No, put America back to work by unbinding enterprise and see what happens. Americans will once again be in demand to make/build/invent things. Paychecks will follow, and we will have a viable economy again. The worst thing that could happen is precisely what the new administration is about doing: using public funds to pay off private debt in a vain attempt to keep certain sectors of the economy from exploding. Mortgage lenders got too greedy? LET them fail. Homeowners bought three times the house they should have? Let them be reposessed. Can’t pay the monthlies on your fifty thousand dollar SUV? Let the dealer come take it away. Why penalise those of us who have been wiser with our resources? No, the answer does not lie in deporting those “stealing” jobs we won’t do anyway, though it may help administer a healthy dose of reality when Yanks have to take up those jobs again. Unfetter private enterprise, and folks like Mr. Cooper will have more valuable tasks too hand than attacking urinals with his magic brush.