A Funny Fake David Brainerd-Like Journal

This is a pretty funny fake journal entry from Sacred Sandwich, a satirist blogger, that sheds light on how we can trust in our modern methods over the simple power of the gospel:

“January 12. Disgusted with my declining health and inability to connect with the heathen, I spent the morning in a campus lounge reading my Bible with no desire to interact with anyone. Despite my lack of postmodern accoutrements, a young woman who had seen me on campus talking of Christ sat down to talk. Burdened by the emptiness and despair in her life, she asked me if my faith had the balm for her overwhelming sense of guilt.

Then did the heavens seem to open above us! Providentially, I was enabled to speak to her about the Gospel message in a plain, easy, and familiar manner. The word of God at this time seemed to fall upon her with a divine power and influence, and there was both a sweet melting and bitter mourning in her countenance. She seemed newly-awakened by my simple plea to repent and draw closer to Christ for her salvation.

When we ended our visit, she agreed to go to church with me on Sunday. Oh! What tender mercies God has displayed in this scene! For the first time I realize that it is the Gospel that mediates the Spirit’s power of conversion and not the hay and stubble of my worldly wisdom and evangelistic techniques.

Surely my presence as an humble advocate and representative for Christ is an important conduit, but it is the Lord Who performs the marvelous work and wonder, despite my weakness and pretense. Tomorrow I will cancel my tongue piercing appointment and subscription to Rolling Stone. Praise be to God!”


The whole post is pretty funny.  I wouldn’t write it all, but I think that the author makes some needed points about how we can trust in our connectivity with certain cultural devices to drive and enfranchise our evangelism.

We don’t need anything but the Scripture.  The Scripture is not only inerrant and inauthoritative, it is sufficient.  Yes, we use insights and methods gleaned from others, but at the core of our identity and evangelism is the power of God, which overcomes all barriers and sweeps away unbelief through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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