The Link 5.22.09: Missions as Business, Praise Factory, and Over the Rhine

overtherhine1. I’ve mentioned Access Partners before, but I want to point you to a moving video that outlines what they do.  Really exciting to see Christians developing new ways to push the gospel.

2. Connie Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church has published an exceptional children’s ministry curriculum called Praise Factory.  The website is now up.  Churches can get the whole program for a donation of $150.

3. Over the Rhine, a group making beautiful, God-glorifying music, has a haunting song called “Suitcase”.  I think it’s about a marriage breaking up.  Poetic and memorable from their excellent album “Ohio” (buy it!).  This is thinking music, songwriter’s music, sung and played with elegance.  Turns out the duo (married) went through a tough time but stayed together.

4. Vitamin Z points to an enlightening article by artist Shaun Groves about the state of the Christian music business.

5. Mark Dever recently gave a talk on mercy ministry, social justice, and that sort of thing.  Very helpful.  Mike McKinley has the notes.  Read them and think.

6. I’ve said this before, but as summer gears up, you may get a broken ankle on the basketball court.  Make sure you have insurance for that–Kobe can help.

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