The Link 5.29.09: Mat Kearney’s Music, Bill Clinton’s Life, and Marley (and Me)

kearney1. Musician Mat Kearney has a new album out, City of Black and White.  Upon hearing the incredible first single, “Closer to Love”, I immediately downloaded the whole thing.  It’s well worth the price.  Kearney, a self-identified Christian, has made a stirring, inspiring album.  For those of us who have been following him for several years now, it’s exciting to see him getting a great deal of recognition and support. 

2. The New York Times magazine is running a feature on Bill Clinton’s post-Presidential life.  It’s revealing, impressive, and sad.  Impressive because Clinton can, in one conference, raise billions of dollars for (some) good causes.  Sad because he seems quite lost.

3. Have you seen the film Marley & Me?  I had not, and was not expecting much.  It’s the most conservative, pro-family movie I’ve seen in a while.  It features a stay-at-home mom!  They do exist, yes, in remote locations.  Anyway, very enjoyable.  Grossed $225 million worldwide.  And there are not more movies made like this because…?

4. It appears that the whole “I can gain as much weight as I want because I’m pregnant” thing isn’t advisable.  I’ve got to say, that always sounded too good to be true.  Sorry, ladies.

5.  Hugs–there are lots of them.  In schools.  Good?  Bad?  Some schools are banning hugs, while others celebrate them.  I have to say two things: 1. There is way too much hugging nowadays, and it’s especially inappropriate for young people.  2. It is a bit funny to ban hugging.  That’s all.

–Have a great weekend, all.

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