“Someone Tweeted”: My (Fake) Day in the Twitterverse

Purely for fun, I decided to do a fake Twitter day.  This is a satire, but it’s not hard-edged.  For fun.

So here goes.  The first and only Twitter entry of “owenstrachan”.  I’m sure that at this point you’re holding your breath.  Some events and persons have been created or edited for comedic effect.


just kissed my wife and baby goodbye to go to work.  I love them.  8:03am from web

driving in car to work  8:04am from otowntwitter

stop light.  I’m stopped.  8:04:30am from otowntwitter

turning right.  8:04:35am from otowntwitter

this car smells.  someone tweeted  8:05 am from otowntwitter

just had breakfast with @jaredcompton.  I so appreciate that guy.  9:10am from web

just had a conversation with @markrogers.  really appreciate him.  we were in the hall.  9:15am from web

just had a conversation with @andynaselli.  I appreciate him as well.  we talked in my office.  great ministry–so thankful  9:30am from web

heart is full of appreciation.  appreciate you for reading this–grateful for your ministry  9:40am from web

received a funny email.  I laughed.  9:45am from web

just shifted in my chair.  my back hurts.  contemplating another shift–I’ll let you know how it goes  10:00am from web

shifted again  10:01am from web

so you know, the shift worked  10:01:30am from web

started reading Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth.  loved page 17  10:30am from web

loved page 18  10:31am from web

page 19 was particularly stimulating  10:32am from web

page 20 was unsurpassed so far  10:33am from web

change that–page 21 set a new standard  10:34am from web

want to take Twitter seriously.  maybe should stop reading.  10:35am from web

realized that I should keep it up.  then, realized that I should probably twitter about each twitter  10:40am from web

just twittered  10:40:01 from web

just twittered about twittering  10:40:03am from web

just twittered about twittering about twittering  10:40:05am from web

just twittered about twittering about twittering about twittering  10:40:07am from web

new policy–no twittering (about twittering).  10:40:40am from web

just realized you could call twittering about twittering “retwittering”.  or maybe “duplitwittering”.  which reminds me of my favorite Twitterverse saying: someone tweeted.  10:50am from web

just had another conversation with @markrogers.  remembered how much I appreciate that guy.  he is so easy to appreciate.  appreciation tank full to bursting  11:40am from web

take a break to stretch and walk.  over the course of the break, stretch.  then, walk.  12:00pm from web

lunch–Caesar wraps.  chicken, tortilla, lettuce.  and caesar dressing–of course!  ate them slowly, chewing regularly, swallowing when appropriate.  periodically drank water (some ice cubes floating in it–eventually they disappeared, lowering temperature of the water).  when finished, threw away napkin (used about 40% of it).  12:30pm from web

page 22 of Pearcey blew me away  1:00pm from web

another break.  this time, contemplate switching things up–maybe I’ll walk first, then stretch.  2:00pm from web

Yup–that was the perfect equation.  first walked.  then stretched.  brilliant  2:01pm from web

afternoon snack.  snickers.  first bought it (79 cents); then unwrapped it; then ate it.  digestion worked well  4:00pm from web

just saw @AndyNaselli again.  in talking with him, was reminded of how thankful I am of his ministry.  much to appreciate about him.  highly appreciation-worthy  5:00pm from web

heading home for the day.  just pushed in chair  5:30pm from web

driving home.  this car still smells.  <drumroll>  someone tweeted  5:35pm from otowntwitter

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  • I find this very funny! I’m gonna have to try it myself one day just to see what my day is like. It really is amazing that so many people do this for real every day.

    Do you think our twitter logs can teach us more about our lifestyle patterns than we realize? Interesting food for thought.

  • Ah, dude that was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it. (And I actually use Twitter).

    Twitter is a tool.

    Thus, it should be viewed as a tool, just like blogs, the Internet and paper.

    Imagine the invention of paper: some people probably said, “what: paper?” Why not just talk to people? Why spend all that time writing and editing? Isn’t that a waste of time?

    I know, I know: paper is clearly of great value: you could better pass on teaching and stories to the generations that follow and distribute such teaching/stories.

    But with Twitter, and other technology, i.e., tools, I can reach someone in India who would never read a book I wrote.

    So w/ Twitter you have to evaluate: is this tool worth me taking time to use it?

    If so, then use it. If not, then don’t.

    And if so, be wise in how much time you spend using the tool.

  • Brilliant.

    You chart your minutia with class. Very twendy.