The Link 8.22.09: Leeman on Discipleship, the Super-Rich, and Mosques Swallowing Synagogues

piper_hands1. Jonathan Leeman of 9Marks has a great series of posts that discusses how immanence and transcendence relate to various aspects of Christian ministry.  It’s way, way deeper than your average deal.  Here’s part one; part two; and part three

2. John Piper discusses what to do when storms, or “tornadoes,” hit in life. (Photo: BlisstheFamily)

3. The Super-Rich are suffering, according to the NYT.  Why does it seem like they like this?  It’s a good thing to have lots of rich people.  Disparity of wealth does not by any means tend to societal harm.

4. This is a noteworthy national religious development: Islamic mosques are increasingly located in formerly Jewish synagogues.

5. Mike Anderson of The Resurgence has notes from the first session of RE:Train in Seattle.  Not your typical seminary note-taking–pretty cool stuff.

6. Did you know that the People Growth conference featuring Carson, Jensen, Dever and others has a $59 student/church planter rate?  That’s amazing.

7. Have you heard of Zolitics?  Now you have.  It’s slated to be the top bi-partisan “poli-tainment” site on the web

–Have a great weekend, all.

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