A Merry “Son of David” Christmas

It’s been quiet around these parts for some time.  Just wanted to pop back on here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  

Side note: have you thought much about how the Gospels of Matthew and Luke use “Son of David” language in reference to Christ?  I had not previous to this Christmas (like so many other biblical-theological themes sitting right under my nose).  Just had the opportunity to preach on this in my home church, and I found it very interesting to mull over.  Per Matthew 1 and Luke 1, Jesus is the “Son of David” both in a physical sense and in a spiritual one.  He is the shepherd-king who not only rules His people well as David did, but who secures their salvation and ultimate freedom from the wrath of God.

Much like scrawny David, the low-born Jesus son of Joseph was a mighty deliverer for His people.  The Lord so often uses the weak and lowly and small to accomplish His great purposes.  That’s an encouraging reminder for me, and I hope it is for you.

Merry Christmas, all.