Highly Recommended: Matthew Anderson’s “Earthen Vessels”

I just received a copy of Earthen Vessels: Why Our Bodies Matter to Our Faith (Bethany House, 2011) by Matthew Anderson, who has a thriving blog here.  I have been looking forward to this book for some time now, having had the privilege to share some thoughts on it with Matt when he was still in the editing process.  In short, I think that this book is poised to help many Christians understand the Christian doctrine of the body, a subject that we have neglected for too long.

The content of Earthen Vessels is rich and provocative.  The text will stir up discussion on a number of issues.  The writing style is perhaps what I’m most excited about, because the book is elegantly penned.  Evangelicals excel at teaching and communicating clearly; I think we lag a bit in prose styling.  Matt is here to help on this matter (great cover, too).

Below is the endorsement I proferred for the text.  I encourage you to buy the book, think about it, and do your part to encourage the church to think hard and well about our corporeal substance, the bodies the Lord has given us for his glory.

Ours is a befuddling age. We’re “friends” with people we’ve never met, we read books that have no material substance, and we store precious material in something rather ominously termed “the cloud.” Physicality is out; incorporeality is in. Earthen Vessels is a needed contribution in such a time. The text is at once an elegant meditation on the body, a fresh study of Scripture, and a celebration of the western tradition. Here is philosophical theology that will foster debate, critical thought, and praise of the Savior whose physical sacrifice won our salvation.”

By the way, the book trailer is very nicely done as well.