Things You Should Listen to: The Reformed Forum Podcast

Do you know about the Reformed Forum?  You should.  It’s great.

It’s a podcast done by some really good guys affiliated with Westminster Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).  Here’s the brief description:

Reformed Forum is a reformed theology media network, which seeks to serve the church by providing content dedicated to issues in reformed theology. … Reformed Forum records much of its content on the campus of Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA.  … As an organization, we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as adopted by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

The RF is led by Camden Bucey, Jared Oliphint, and frequently features church planter Nick Batzig.  I’m personally hoping that promising upstart Credo magazine will emulate this excellent effort and begin its own podcast featuring guys like Matthew Barrett, Luke Stamps, and others.  We Baptists could use more of this kind of staunch theological discussion.  We shouldn’t shy away from such work, but should embrace it–because theology is, after all, for the church, given so that we might flourish and thrive in Christ.

Good theology (like bad) trickles down, even when done at the highest levels.  It builds the saints.  It gives life.  It clears up confusion.  It leaves the church with a full stomach, not a growling belly.  We need more of it, and then we need some more, and then some more after that, all for our spiritual vitality.

Here’s a description of a recent Reformed Forum conversation on the historical Adam that would be well worth your time:

Rick Phillips joins Nick Batzig and Kenneth Kang-Hui to speak about the historical Adam. The teaching that Adam was a historical figure, the federal head of all those who descend from him by ordinary generation, has become a much debated topic. Dr. Phillips and the panel navigate through the issues and underscore why this traditional doctrine is so significant.

Rev. Phillips is pastor of Second Presbyterian Church PCA in Greenville, SC. Nick Batzig is church planter at New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Richmond Hill, GA. Kenneth Kang-Hui has been a long-time friend to Reformed Forum, and he is a member of a PCA church in New York City.

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