Why Guys and Girls Can’t Be Friends (Hilarious)

I think there’s truth here.  I don’t agree with the comments about “hooking up” and don’t endorse that line of thinking, but I do think this very funny video shows something about the essential–and eternal!–differences between men and women.

My favorite moment comes at about the 0:48 mark when a tall guy eating a sandwich responds to the question by going “NNAAAAAAHHHH.”  I think that kind of sums it up for many men.  A second very funny moment hits around the 2:00 mark when the interviewer parries a girl who insists that men and women can be “just friends.”

This isn’t the most serious thing I’ve ever posted, but not everything should be.  The spirit of this video is quite funny, and it’s done as it only could be by a couple of puckish young men.  It is of course possible for single men and women to be “just friends” in Christ.  But things in this world are often complex, and so the best solution for most of us is to lose the war and get married to someone.  Of course, even after marrying, the gender differences don’t go away.  But that is a topic for another day.

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