Monday Night Pre-T4G: SBTS Panel w/Trueman, Bethke, Harris, Moore

Just heard from the SBTS brass that this killer dinner/panel at Southern Seminary in Louisville on Monday night (two days from now) has, due to popular demand, added 100 extra seats.  Here’s the info:

Dinner & Dialogue

Monday, April 9, 6:00-8:00p.m.
Dinner in Heritage Hall, Dialogue in Alumni Chapel

Join us for a pre-conference dinner from Chuy’s Tex Mex, followed by a panel discussion on Christ-centered theology and ministry. Dialogue will feature Josh Harris, Carl Trueman, Matt Pinson, Jeff Bethke and J.D. Greear, hosted by Russell D. Moore.

Reservation deadline is April 5. Make your reservation by following the link below. Please note there will not be refunds for this event, only substitutions.

If you are registered for the T4G class at Southern Seminary, you are already registered for this event.

Go check out the info and sign up here.

The panel looks like a bunch of fun; it’s a diverse collection of evangelical leaders and leading voices.  If you have not had Chuy’s Mexican food from the iconic Texas chain, your opportunity has arrived.  This restaurant is legendary already in Louisville and makes back its operating costs from the Southern Seminary crowd.

There are two great reasons to come to SBTS on Monday.  Band of Bloggers meets at the school on Tuesday morning; I have seen the booklist, and it is phenomenal.  You’ll take home almost as many books from BoB as from T4G.

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