Sexual Hysteria: Douglas Wilson Gets Shouted Down at Indiana University

Justin Taylor blogged this yesterday; Denny Burk, my colleague at Boyce College, then posted it on his own blog.  It is nothing less than shocking.  Watch the full lectures for free here, and witness how Douglas Wilson, pastor from Moscow, Idaho, is treated.  Here you see where the cultural elite are going in terms of morality and homosexuality.

Those of us who have grown up in a relatively tolerant country should buckle up.  Things are not going to get easier for Christians in the West who love the gospel and exercise their conscience in public.  Pray hard.  Put on the armor of Christ.  Trust a great God.  Weep for people who are offering themselves as sacrifices to Satan.

And by the way–when you engage sinners lost in their sin, remember Wilson’s example: bold, clear, winsome, witty, and able to take a punch.

  • Ian Hugh Clary

    My wife and I were up til past midnight watching the Q & A. We kept saying, “Just five more minutes,” but after a half-hour, we knew we were in for the long-haul. It was like watching a train-wreck, we couldn’t take our eyes off of it.
    You’re right about Wilson, he should get an award. I would’ve either turned tail and run, or lashed out unchristianly.
    But I wonder whether these are the cultural elites, that may be giving them too much credit; some could barely string a sentence together. What’s scarier—on many levels—is that they seem to be the cultural norm.

  • Matt Svoboda

    It was interesting how most of them were boasting in their academia and knowledge and yet 90% of the questions were emotionally charged and emotionally based.

    There were really only a few good questions.

    It was very telling how most of them felt a need to disrespect Doug Wilson right before or after they asked their question.

  • Jacob A. Allee (@JacobAllee)

    This is the direction America is headed. Free speech is being deemed hate speech more and more often. Christians will start going to prison, but we must not be silent, we must be louder than ever and now is the time. Wilson is a great role model of exactly how we ought to handle these things.

  • owenstrachan

    Guys, good comments. By elite I mean those who are educated in university settings. They’re being trained by the priests of high culture. Yes, more of this to come. We should not take being able to speak our minds for granted. We likely will pay a price for doing just that very soon. It’s a luxury in a fallen world to be able to say what you want.

  • Pete

    I am not sure that our culture was represented by the audience. There was either a large percentage of LBGTs or they were at least the seemingly most vocal. Their percentage, by most estimates, are 1.5-3 % of America. It appeared that there were many quiet people sitting in the front rows. Maybe that was okay, civility and all. But we evangelicals need to be debating/discussing these issues in the public square more often.
    Good for Doug and he did a great job in a heated environment. He only seemed off a little when he got into psychology or sociology. He is bright but remember he is only a pastor and Bible scholar. He trapped himself in some stereotyping, e.g, claiming to speak for ALL Christians, talking about men not being as sorry for their past sins as women,etc.). But he rightly divided the Truth well and was a great spokesperson for we orthodox, Evangelicals.