Wait–Happy Marriages Exist? On Webb and Dowd Simpson

You may have seen that Webb Simpson, a devout Christian, just won the U. S. Open.  If you’re like me, you may not know much about him.  From the video above, he seems to be a godly husband and father (HT: Girltalk).  He and Dowd, his wife, seem to have a very happy marriage.

Let me say this: it is a beautiful thing to see a woman who wants to support, strengthen, and even better a man.  There really is something otherworldly about that–a rightly functioning, gospel-driven marriage is showing you a picture of Christ and his church.  There is elegance, aesthetic elegance, in seeing the elements of a godly union serve and encourage one another.

Happy marriages do exist.  The gospel powers them.

(Update: See CT’s coverage of Webb’s victory here)

  • truthunites

    Hi Owen,

    I’m a Bible-believing Christian who’s a mild sports nut. I’m pretty jazzed up with Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson, some baseball players whose names I forget “coming out” victoriously as believers and witnesses to the awesome King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

    Of course, there are some nay-sayers who say that it’s so lame that Christians should want and root for Christian “celebrity” professional athletes, but is that really so wrong of me? What do you think?

    I didn’t watch Webb Simpson’s victory; only read about it on the web on cnnsi.com, but I was so stoked to read that he came back from such a large deficit.

    So funny: The cnnsi story said that he was a man of deep religious conviction which I took as code word for “one of dem Christians” so I googled the Christianity Today story to verify that he was a Christian.

    • eric petraitis

      You don’t need to be a christian to have a good, strong marriage! Love and respect for one another is what matters, not some belief in mythology. Atheists can love their fellow human beings as much as, if not more than, any religious nut out there. So cut the crap about how wonderful you christians are! Our last president, a devout christian, declared war on an innocent nation some nine years ago! What happened to thou shall not kill?

      • Clay Porter

        Hi Eric,
        The commandment is more correctly translated “You shall do no murder”. The sane and reasonable application of it is to be aware that the wrongful taking of a life breaks God’s heart. Murder isn’t strictly the physical act of wrongfully taking another person’s life – it actually begins in the heart when a person harbors unforgiveness toward another, then progresses to hatred, then to acts of vengeance, and finally the taking of a life. This is why all Judeo-Christian legal systems (and most others) make distinctions between accidentally and willfully taking the life of another.

        For example, a person who harbors hatred toward another race may ultimately act on the hatred. Say for example that person gathers around himself others that have a cultural/ethnic bias against a particular race, and justifies various levels of violence toward that race by co-opting a religious codification to support that viewpoint. That person may even justify all the means toward the end of violence, e.g., selling drugs to raise money to buy weapons, plane tickets, obtain international credentials, etc. That hatred toward the race may become so strong that even the apparent defenders of that race become targets of violence. The consuming hatred of this type will eventually manifest in one or more tragic and murderous actions in which people who weren’t even known by the perpetrator are killed collaterally. A great example of this is 9-11.

        But if I raise my hand in defense of myself or of those for whom I am responsible, it is not murder, because there is a reasonable justification. A good example here – I am sitting in my own home, interacting with my family, and an armed intruder breaks in with the intent to rape and kill my wife. If he kills her, and I then wrestle the weapon away from him and kill him, am I in your view an equal danger to society (if he were still alive)? We both have killed. The blind equanimity you appear to demand would cast me as equally (or more, since I was capable of killing him) dangerous.

        The conflicts of which you speak as a declaration of war on an innocent nation aren’t so conveniently form-fitting to your political-speak. A murderous dictator provided a means to convert heroin into arms for a number of terrorist groups – people whose hatred for Jews and any friend of Jews, i.e., America – made them blind to any measure of justice or mercy used by anyone, Judeo-Christian, atheist, or whatever you may compare against. Interrupting the flow of money (Iraq) and drugs (Afghanistan) was (and is) the chief aim of military actions on the part of the US. It is all but certain that many lives were preserved as a result.

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