Abortionist: “Let Me See You Adopt Those Ugly Black Babies”

The above clip is one of the more horrifying things I’ve seen caught on camera.  In the 38-second video, pro-life Christians confront an abortionist.  I don’t know the circumstances of this conversation, but it is clearly a visceral encounter.

In the course of the confrontation, the abortionist yells at the pro-lifers “I as a taxpayer do not wish to pay for those babies to be born, and brought, and kill those people in Colorado.”  He then identifies the babies, saying “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

This is jaw-dropping on several accounts.  First, the abortionist, Ron Virmani, has the race of the Aurora shooter entirely wrong.  James Holmes is white.  Second, the racism here takes your breath away.  Third, you see the logic of abortion–it’s best to kill in order that others will not be killed (there’s a major logic problem here).

It shows how fallen our world is that something like this can’t galvanize a nation and make it realize the terrible evil of abortion.  As anything but a life-saving device, it’s pure evil on its own terms.  It also is a Trojan Horse for other sins, however, including racism.  In other words, because abortion has been sold to–and bought by–upstanding America as a good and a right, racists can use it to exterminate children they hate.  That’s not some controversial claim on my part, by the way–that was Margaret Sanger’s stated intention in founding Planned Parenthood, to exterminate black children, or “human weeds,” as she so kindly said.

And don’t think that’s not on the abortionist’s mind as he crushes the skulls of little babies with forceps or administers drugs that leave them gasping and clawing for life before they perish.  Racism is the great secret when it comes to abortion.  The man in that video, yelling at Christians, thinks he is performing a righteous deed.  He and others think that abortion is a noble cause, when it is in reality the scourge of our civilization.

How videos like this–and the confrontations faced by courageous pro-lifers like those in this outstanding Louisville ministry, which my church (Kenwood Baptist) is involved with–make us long for the spread of the gospel.  It is the mission of God to welcome all the nations in Christ, not to murder them in the womb. As Christians contend for the gospel and a holistic culture of life–from womb to grave–we remember that we are fighting against principalities and powers that hate children.  Keep fighting.  And keep adopting, as so many of my friends and evangelical peers have.

We love the little children.

And Lord, come quickly.

(HT: Washington Examiner)

  • http://timwheelerpbc.wordpress.com Tim Wheeler

    I wish that more liberals would be confronted with this problem. Abortion is not about equality; in a great many respects it is about exactly the opposite of that.

  • Ryan Taylor

    In a society that embraces evolution, which has it’s origins in racism (Darwin’s Origin of the Species, as many well know, was originally titled “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”), it isn’t shocking to see the result of the devaluing of God’s creation. It’s extremely saddening, but not shocking. I know this is speculation and my opinion, but Ron Virmani’s logic in calling black babies ugly, thus justifying their death, probably has it’s roots in an evolution based world outlook. Evolution bases man’s begins in Africa, and that over time mankind moved out of Africa and evolved. Thus, Africans are the lowest evolutionary species of man, accroding to this theory, with many crazies like Hitler believing that white people are the pinnacle of evolution and that all other lower species of humanity should be exterminated. Again, I believe that Virmani’s logic, or lack of it, is based in this evolutionary belief, thus making him believe that he is doing society a favor by ridding the USA of inferior people.

    Yet, when people take a Biblical perspective of people and the world around them, how drastically does that alter the mind! Sure, people have used the Bible to hurt other races and discriminate, but those people weren’t following the commandments that God lays out in His Word. When people follow the two great commandments that Christ affirms in Matthew 22:36 (“[Jesus], which is the great commandment in the law?” And he said to him, ’You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the law and the prophets.”), they realize that God created all of mankind, and He saw that “it was good.” Again, speaking purely from my own opinion here, I believe that Christians that embrace any form of prejudice or racism have failed to understand the depths of the sacrificial love Christ poured out for them. This isn’t a blanket statement saying someone isn’t a Christian, just a statement saying that someone really doesn’t understand how much Christ wants humanity to come to Him as their Savior.

    • owenstrachan

      That’s very nicely put, Ryan. Good breakdown of the broader sickness of racism.

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if providing equal education and high-quality free healthcare would reduce the number of abortions. Also, if our society found ways to lessen the stigma on single/unwed mothers, we might see fewer abortions. I know this is will take a lot more work and money than simply talking about it, but I think it could be part of a comprehensive plan to reduce abortions.

    • http://www.sooutloud.com Ryan Bomberger

      Equal education? What does that mean? Trillions has been spent on public education that continues to fail because federal bureaucracy is indifferent, at best. (My wife’s an educator, so I know this from experience.) The same party that adamantly pushes abortion, the Democrats, are also the same party that ferociously fights against school vouchers allowing mostly urban students to get a better education instead of remaining in failing public schools.

      There is far less of a stigma on unwed mothers as evidenced by the fact that in the 1940s, 3.8% of all live births were among unmarried women; today, 41% are. The growing acceptance of pregnancy among unmarried women is what has led to millions of abortions and increased poverty. There should never be shame placed upon single women/parents (my wife found herself in that situation), but single parenting should NEVER be held in high esteem. It’s not the ideal. Children raised in single parent female-led homes, according to federal statistics, are FIVE times more likely to grow up in poverty and far more prone (8x more likely) to sexual and physical abuse. Two-parent married homes provide the economic, emotional and spiritual stability that our children need. We don’t need an expansion of government but an expansion of stable families that strengthen our children and our communities.

      • Jeremy

        There is absolutely no serious study that indicates that vouchers or school choice work to bring up the aggregate quality of education. I taught in a charter school for 4 years and am now pursuing a graduate degree in education policy with a focus on charter schools. I can tell you, they don’t improve anything. Can you link a peer-reviewed, quantitative or qualitative study that does suggest that school choice works? If you can provide it, I would be impressed. I appreciate that you have anecdotal evidence drawn from your wife’s teaching experience, but that isn’t quite good enough to make a legit argument.

        See this study from Stanford showed that the vast majority of charter schools either didn’t measure up to the public schools or were significantly worse. Of the 17% of charters that did better than the average public school, many were recipients of very large foundational donations, had largely white, middle-class student populations, or often “counseled out” students who brought down their test scores.


        What is the best indicator of education quality? Poverty. See Berliner and Biddles’ “Manufactured Crisis,” for example.

        I am going to bed and will try to respond to the rest later.

      • Jeremy

        Also, Obama mistakenly supports school vouchers and charter schools, despite the evidence to the contrary. His Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, was with the Chicago Public Schools and implemented a large charter school reform in the City. I’m not sure where you got your point about Democrats and vouchers/school choice.

  • Tom

    This is one reason why it’s such a blessing to see a growing adoption movement in the Church today – so when someone (whether an abortionist, pro-choice activist, or desperate mother) asks the question, “who would adopt this unwanted baby?” the church can honestly and emphatically respond, “we will!”

    • owenstrachan

      Amen and amen and amen and amen.

  • http://steveatwood.wordpress.com Steven Atwood

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    May God have mercy on him and all who he touches

  • Jethro


    The problem with this line of argument is that it is exactly like when people single out Fred Phelps as an example of what Christians think/how they behave.

    Abortion may be wrong and abhorrent etc, but it does your arguments no service to selectively choose the very worst of the other side and hold it up as an exemplar.

    • owenstrachan


      Thanks for writing. Here’s my response: the worst of the other side is the other side, at base. No, not everyone shouts like this doctor. And no, not everyone’s a racist. But abortion is a monstrous sin. Sadly, we’re trapped in such sins before Christ redeems us.

      So yes, this is a particularly venomous instance. But you wouldn’t protest someone who decried a lynching, right, and who said it was a horrible example of racism? That’s the “very worst of the other side,” right? It’s in the “very worst” that we see all that our sin really is.

      • Jethro


        A good point, but it could equally apply to the Phelps example. It surely would not take a great deal of imagination to make the argument that “God hates fags” is, at base, the outpouring of labelling that particular sin an abomination.

        I do not imagine that all racists advocate lynchings. While all racism is abhorrent, there are clearly degrees. Well may you argue that that does not apply to abortion. All I can say is that reasonable minds may differ.

        In any case, I think it is best for all of us to acknowledge even those who may be fundamentally opposed to what we believe in can be well intentioned. Again, I do not believe that we should hold up extreme examples as representative of the whole. I feel that is what you have done here. If it was not your intention, then I apologise for interpreting it in that way. If it was, then as I said, reasonable minds may differ.

  • AndyM

    and still our society (by and large) sees itself as less depraved than that of nazi germany. God’s patience and mercy surely (infinitely) exceed anything we’d show if we had the ultimate levers of power. giving far more opportunity to repent and turn from this systematic murder.