Basketball Classic: Jeremy Lin Destroying John Wall

If you come within 5000 yards of this blog on any kind of semi-occasional basis, you know I am a Jeremy Lin fan, both for his faith and his stellar basketball skills.  The video above shows you the talent that almost never was expressed on an NBA court–in a game in which Lin technically should have been destroyed by his much-hyped opponent, John Wall.  (Update: this is from July 2010, just before Lin’s rookie season with the Golden State Warriors.  He couldn’t even stick with the Dallas Mavericks from this summer league play!)

Surgere et vincere, Jeremy.

  • jason b hood

    My second time to see that video. As a Mavs man (grew up in DFW), I don’t think i could handle a third.

  • owenstrachan

    I feel for you, bro. I don’t think they really give him much of a thought. The thing is, in this video, Lin is displaying THE SAME TOOLS that allowed him to singlehandedly turn the NBA upside down this past year.

    So: all those who say JLin is a flash in the pan? They’re crazy. He played the same exact way in this game he did in 2011-12 for the Knicks: using his size and strong body to put the smaller Wall on his hip, drive to the hoop, and repeatedly score and dish for assists.

    It’s really not very complicated to do that if you have the physical tools, and Lin does. And now he hits the jumper consistently, too. My own hotheaded prediction: 2012-13 is a banner year for JLin, God willing.

  • jason b hood

    Great commentary, Owen. You’re right–it’s the same game we saw last year.

    What’s more, defensively, an average NBA guard with great tactical instincts and decent size can always find a way to make plays. I love his court vision–on both ends, not just on offense.

    RE: his future; I do worry a little that teams will simply create matchup problems, putting big strong defenders on him. I think he projects to be at best a middle-of-the-road starting 1. But that’s really, really good for a guy who wasn’t drafted.