Carmelo Anthony, Power Forward (Not MJ-like Wing!)

This from Truehoop, the ESPN basketball blog:

Lineup data from Basketball Value confirms it. With Anthony at the four and Tyson Chandler in the middle the Knicks were very productive. Ironically enough, for all he did to force his way to New York, Anthony managed to join a team where he plays the same position as the other player with a huge salary, Stoudemire.

Anthony’s defense also gets a boost from playing against power forwards more accustomed to tussling in the paint than sprinting around screens on the perimeter (not to mention playing for smaller stints to avoid fatigue). His body and game is built for power and quickness, not sustained speed, and his lack of range on defense is just not a big problem if the player he’s guarding rarely ventures out to the 3-point line.

Remember the conversation during the Linsanity era over Carmelo’s role?  I argued that Melo is a better cutter than isolary one-on-one scorer.  I thought this article was interesting along those lines.  Sometimes we’re not best in the roles in which we think we thrive.  That may well be true for us not merely in less-important things like sports, but in our work and everyday lives.

Pray and seek discernment about your strengths and weaknesses.  It’s no bad thing to find your sweet spot!

(Image: Ned Dishman/Getty Images)

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