491 Babies Born in Canada & Left to Die (2000-09)

One of the best reasons for Christian cultural engagement is that we might know what actually is happening in this sinful world. Cultural engagement does not allow us to live with blinders on; it forces us to confront the raw data of evil.

What follows took my breath away. According to LifeSiteNews, almost 500 babies were born in Canada from 2000-09 as the result of failed abortions. These babies were not cared for but were left to die. Here’s some of the coverage from the original article. Force yourself to read this:

The 491 deaths reported to StatsCan are listed in CANSIM table 102-0536, under code P96.4, which is titled “Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn.”

In an e-mail, StatsCan’s Owen Phillips explained that this code indicates the cause of the born child’s death was an abortion. He said these are not stillbirths, which have a different table.

“These are included in national cause of death statistics because when the aborted fetus is born alive and subsequently dies, each event must be registered,” he wrote in an e-mail. “If the aborted fetus is born dead but meets the provincial requirement (birth weight and/or gestational age) it must be registered as a stillbirth.”

“Live birth,” according to StatsCan, applies when, after proceeding from his mother’s womb, the child “breathes or shows any other evidence of life, such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles, whether or not the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached.”

Here’s an actual example of a documented live birth:

An example of the type of case that would be classified among these 491 deaths is offered by the Canadian Institute for Health Information in its Coding Standards.

It describes “a patient presented at 20 weeks gestation, requesting a therapeutic abortion. She was started on misoprostol, intravenously. The fetus was successfully expelled. A heart beat and respirations were detected at birth.”

“The outcome of the intended termination was delivery of a liveborn fetus,” it states.

According to Canada’s Criminal Code, a child is guaranteed legal protection when he “has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.”

This is just too horrible for words. The fact that Western societies are accepting and not policing such crimes, such displays of evil, is shocking. We must continue to pray and work for the defense of the unborn. We cannot turn back the curse of sin; only Jesus can. But we are called to work while there is still time. Pray, work legislatively, do sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics–do whatever you can to get involved.

And of course, part of our involvement is this: not turning away when we are confronted by the specter of sin.

(Image: Michael Clancy–more info here)

  • John Evans

    I’m curious to see more of the data. I do know that in cases where there are major problems with the central nervous system that are not correctable (no/minimal brain development, external spinal column, etc), that even when a pregnancy come to full term and is not aborted, the infant will often die shortly after birth. Do the figures you quote take those cases into account?

    • ostrachan

      Hi John–the point is not that the babies end up dying if born outside of the womb. Prior to 21-22 weeks, from what I understand, babies have little chance of surviving outside the womb. The point here is this: these babies were only born because of failed abortions. In other words, the only reason they’re outside of the womb is because the procedure to terminate them went awry. The fact that they were born alive shows us the evil of the practice involved. These babies should have still been in their mothers’ wombs. Then they would have been safe, happy, and growing.

      There are some instances, yes, of stillbirth or other problems. Those are real and tragic circumstances. But thanks to innovations and development in surgical technology, stillbirths are a fraction of what they were decades ago and centuries ago. The irony is that even our technology improves, our will to save and love little babies may wane.

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