Great News: Four Less Abortion Clinics in Wisconsin

Got two resources on the fight against abortion for you.

First, a Huffington Post piece today noted the closure of four Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin (HT: Sarah Pulliam Bailey). Somewhere, the angels are rejoicing. Four less houses of death. God is good. Bless you, Scott Walker, and your courageous public leadership.

State governors and legislatures, we need to remember, have tremendous opportunities to do good. Here’s one example of that reported on by USA Today. You’ll almost never hear this, but the fight against abortion and the culture of death is actually going well at the state level!

Second, John Piper just wrote a helpful piece on the twisted logic of abortion which included pictures of premature babies who lived despite being born at ages considered unviable. Piper also calmly encourages the members of the church he’s pastored to “visit [area abortion clinics] and pray, or perhaps see if any of the workers will talk with you.” How wonderful to see a pastor publicly encourage his people in this regard.

If you’re a pastor, would you do the same, and in this spirit–measured, confident in God, bold? If you’re serious about the Bible and the dignity of humanity, this is your fight, too.

I commend Piper’s piece to you, which includes this section:

Whole Woman’s Health advertises that their San Antonio facility will do surgical abortions through 24 weeks.

But at 24 weeks babies are being born and thriving. Here are a few examples. (If you want to see the 23 week babies when born and then years later go here.) If you want names and ages check out the L’il Aussie Prems Foundation.

These pictures are of babies born at the age when they are being legally killed. The irrationality of our legal system is that we are expected to believe that a seven inch movement down the birth canal transforms a child from one with no right to life into a person under law with full rights of protection. This is the kind of reasoning that creates Gulags and death camps. Whatever else may be said of these children, if they had been dismembered and evacuated one hour before they were born at 24 weeks, it would not have been tissue that was lost.

Read the whole thing.

Perhaps you’ll join me in praying for many more closures of abortion clinics, and for the power of God to roll like a tidal wave over American wickedness and end legal abortion in our day.

Not in some far-off day: in ours.

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