“The Gospel Has Broken Through These Barriers”: Salvation of a Scottish Ruffian

If you’ve never heard of Mez McConnell, his testimony in this video will bless you. It shows that God’s gospel is unstoppable. McConnell was a child from a broken home who was living a hopeless, dissolute, desperate life when the Lord got ahold of him in a Scottish prison.

You almost could not script a more difficult life than McConnell’s. He was the kind of person we see as believers, and we think, They are far from the kingdom. I could never reach them. But Christians did reach out to him. They pursued him. They told him about the cross of Christ. And God saved him, as he recounts in this book. (It’s quite powerful to see him baptize his daughter in the video.)

Now, he’s a pastor in Scotland doing church planting in housing projects. This is big, bold, fearless gospel work. I love the vision of 20Schemes, and I commend it to you.

(HT: Gospel Coalition)

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