Obama’s Fire: Even Presidents Go 2 for 22 Shooting Hoops

I understand something keenly about President Barack Obama: he loves basketball. He plays all over DC, apparently. This resonates with me. When I was in DC a while back, I too played wherever I could in the city. The energy of DC fits well with a passion for basketball, which is the most kinetic (and absorbing) of games.

My favorite part of this humorous video: Obama walking off after he hits his final basket. Apparently, even being American President doesn’t quiet one’s dissatisfaction at a poor performance, even when it’s just around a bunch of kids at the Easter Egg hunt.

(That, by the way, also makes perfect sense. The true basketball aficionado constantly slips away wherever he can to play the game. Only basketball obsessives will understand.)

(HT: Eric Teetsel)

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