Harvard-Graduated and Pro-Life: A Christian Woman Responds to Wendy Davis’s Work

Prisca LeCroy just wrote a beautiful pro-life essay for The Atlantic entitled “My Mother Regretted Her Abortion” that responds to a recent pro-abortion New York Times piece by Beth Matusoff Merfish. In her NYT essay, Merfish cheers on the efforts of Texas senator Wendy Davis to defeat a pro-life bill.

Prisca, like her godly mother, is a remarkable woman: PCA church member, honors graduate of Harvard and the University of Virginia (J. D.), lawyer in Texas, now wife to Colin and mother of two. Exciting to see a Christian graduate of Harvard writing in The Atlantic in support of the pro-life cause. Here’s a slice of Prisca’s essay:

Much like Merfish, I spent years actively involved with the abortion issue without realizing the toll that abortion had taken on my own family and life. When I was young, my parents ran a pro-life organization that lobbied the Southern Baptist Convention to take a pro-life stance. Our message was clear: Every unborn child is an innately valuable human person bearing the image of God. But worried that confessing her own mistakes might have the perverse effect of making me more likely to repeat them, my mother waited to tell me until I was in my early 20s. I did not know as a young child stuffing envelopes with pro-life literature or distributing pro-life voting guides before an election day that among the millions of lives lost to abortion was my own half-sibling. And I did not know on the days my mother would lie in bed crying for hours that she was grieving for her aborted child.

Read the whole piece, pass it along, and keep praying for the Lord to shower our death-loving civilization with mercy. May the telling of stories like this, and that of sweet little Paisley White, be a witness unto life in our day.

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