Our Culture Eulogizes Hugh Hefner and Enables Harvey Weinstein But Eviscerates Mike Pence

What is worse: treating women like sex objects to be used for your raw lusts, or protecting your marriage and the women you work with by not eating alone with them? Playboy founder Hugh Hefner died a month ago, allowing us to test this question. If our culture is truly pro-woman as it tells us it is, you would think that major outlets would note the deleterious effects of Hefner’s influence. The New York Times did briefly, but its obituary… Read more

“The Colson Way” Is on Sale for 1 Dollar

It’s not every day you can pick up a book for a buck. Here’s your opportunity: my publisher just let me know that my 2015 book “The Colson Way” is on sale for a very limited time for 99 cents. Go here to snag this deal. (The book is so inexpensive, I feel like I’m doing something wrong in telling you about it.) It was a joy to write this book, which is equal parts an accessible biography of Chuck Colson… Read more

On Jonathan Edwards’s Birthday: 3 Reasons to Engage Him

I came of theological age in the “young, restless, Reformed” heyday. The symbol, the emblem that graced the cover of the cover story of Christianity Today on this surging phenomenon, was a t-shirt that read “Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy.” I connected instantly with this movement when I read Collin Hansen’s explosive article. I won’t say that Edwards is my homeboy, but I will say that he is my favorite theologian and historical Christian figure. Today is Edwards’s birthday: October 5, 1703. Without… Read more

Rob Bell Revisited: Nine Christians Reflect on Personal Suffering and Romans 8:28

Here are nine testimonies of Christians who have clung to Romans 8:28, and all God’s truth, in deep waters. Read more

Rob Bell on Suffering: “Anyone who quotes Romans…they can’t walk with you”

Rob Bell was recently asked what counsel he had for a young man whose unborn baby’s life is in danger. According to CNN (HT to Jim Smith), Bell said the following to the man in this heartrending position: Bell walked closer to the man and told him he could give him no easy answers. But he could tell him to avoid people who will try to comfort him by quoting scriptures like Romans 8:28 (“And we know that all things work together… Read more

Is Alliance Defending Freedom a “Hate Group”?

After a speech by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Southern Poverty Law Center just labeled Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) a “hate group.” Sessions addressed an ADF group in California, and this occasioned a firestorm of criticism, with the SPLC leading the charge. Others quickly followed–here’s ABC News, NBC News, and the Daily Beast chiming in and spreading the smear. What is ADF, you ask? ADF is a non-profit entity that provides legal representation and public engagement on matters of “religious freedom, sanctity… Read more

A Response to Eugene Peterson’s Affirmation of Homosexuality

The trend of evangelicals affirming homosexuality is not going away. The division this trend is causing is awful. Read more

Why Substitutionary Atonement Is Necessary for Evangelical Faith

The Resolutions Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention has just published the resolution that Malcolm Yarnell and I coauthored (explained here). It is listed below. Later today Southern Baptist messengers will hear the resolution on the convention floor. I am thankful to the committee for their consideration and deliberation. It is my hope, with Malcolm, that the messengers will formally embrace this resolution as our conventional belief. Without penal substitutionary atonement, there is no satisfaction of the Father’s just wrath against sinners…. Read more

If Everyone’s a Visionary, Why Do We All Sound So Alike?

It’s easy to trick yourself today. It’s easy to think you’re a cultural revolutionary when you’re the exact opposite. Read more

Bill Nye Is Anti-Science and Has the Polysexual Views to Prove it

We live in the strangest times. That which is science is said to be anti-science; that which is nonsense is presented as shimmering truth. Read more

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