More on the Necessary Art of Looking Stupid

I was originally going to devote only one blog to my suggested life rule, that of looking stupid occasionally, but I’ve found more to say on the subject. This post gives some practical suggestions on how one can integrate a dose of reality into the life-consuming project of impressive appearance. In other words, here are [Read More...]

It’s Good to Look Bad

I’ve come up with a good rule to help facilitate a happy, comfortable existence on this earth. It’s rather blunt, and it gets right to the point, and as a result it is fairly helpful. Here it is: allow yourself to be wrong. Perhaps this is aimed most directly at men, who tend of the [Read More...]

Consciously Forgetful: the Culture and Death

It tells us something about the state of the human soul that people have to be reminded of their impending death before they will consider it. Death is perhaps the greatest of all realities we face as a race, and yet think of how few give time to consider its approach. Christian groups have recognized [Read More...]

Finding God’s Will, Part Two

Before we discuss certain precepts, let’s note two important ideas that necessarily undergird a discussion of the will of God. I don’t think that everyone is conscious of these two ideas, but I think that thinking over them will help us understand the importance of the matter of God’s will. That is to say, God’s [Read More...]

The Will to Find the Will of God

I think that many evangelicals have been really, really poorly taught on the subject of God’s will. Things were good theologically in the Reformation era, but then the enlightenment hit, and man and his feelings and thoughts took center stage, and existentialism and pietism came to the fore as a reaction against the more rational [Read More...]

Life as a 24 Year Old

The years of early adulthood have to be some of the most confusing of all life. I’m thinking particularly here of the confounding nature of contact with the opposite sex during the immediate post-college years. College was a beautiful time for many reasons, not least among them the contact one had with friends of the [Read More...]

Men and LHD: Long Hair Disorder

It’s time to talk about a disorder many guys suffer from. It’s called “LHD” and is short for “long hair disorder.” As one who has suffered from LHD, I am well able to diagnose the disorder. It involves the disposition of many guys to think that they look best with short, rather than long, hair. [Read More...]

Don’t Fear Man, and Definitely Not People

For those who don’t know, there’s an interesting conversation going on amongst evangelicals over the translation of Bible language relating to gender. As popular English has shifted away from masculine-centered language, e.g. “mankind,” some evangelicals have called for a Bible of gender-neutral language wherever possible. That is, at any point where it is not essential [Read More...]

Risk it: It’s Worth it, Baby!

It is good to risk and live with freeness in life. I’ve had this deeply impressed upon me in these past few years, with numerous decisions facing me and little clarity as to the exact path I should travel. Such circumstances trouble many, but I find them arresting. There is exhilaration in forging one’s way [Read More...]

Mrs. B. and Me: the Passing of Friends, Part Two

In the fall of 1999, I went off to Bowdoin, filled with emotion and hope, eager to tackle an expanded world. Mrs. Beaulieau stayed in Machias and continued teaching. This was a normal occurrence. Her contraction of cancer early in the fall was not. Seemingly before I noticed it, she had entered the hospital in [Read More...]