This Adulthood Business is Tricky Stuff

In a life characterized by uncertainty, one thing is sure for me: the days of childhood and adolescence are dead and buried. Let me offer some proofs for that postulation. 1) I got a parking ticket yesterday for parking in a certain place, and there’s noone to complain to. As I approached my car after [Read More...]

O’Connor’s Character and What it Shows Christians

In an interesting Time magazine article from the July 4th issue, the writers commented at length no less than three times on a matter of note: O’Connor’s character, specifically her treatment of her clerks. Clerking is known to be an arduous job, brutal if brief, and one can only imagine what such work entail for [Read More...]

Excellent Music to Listen to

This blog never wanders far from music. Here’s an opportunity for a cd recommendation: Indelible Grace III, loaned to me by excellent friend Will Kynes. Made by the fun folks at Indelible Grace, the cd sets old and powerful hymns to folksy tunes. Those who value poetic theological pieces will find much to appreciate; I [Read More...]

The Truth Behind Thune’s Sticky Situation

Man, this one is icy like the junior high girls sleepover turned jealous. John Thune, junior Senator from South Dakota, currently finds himself locked in a battle with the White House (specifically the Department of Defense) over its targeted closing of Ellsworth Air Force in South Dakota. A major part of Thune’s campaign against former [Read More...]

Even Stranger Days in Rap

Okay, so many will scoff at me, and say that they’ve always known this was true, but rap as heard on the radio reflects a culture driven stark-wild with lust. Many songs no longer include any mention of romance or relational affection, but focus almost entirely on physical gratification and its pursuit. It’s terrible to [Read More...]

Strange Days: America Wants to Be Europe

Here’s one way to look at the contemporary American conflagration between so-called “red” and “blue” Americans. Red Americans like America for all it is, believing it to be a close realization of ideal political and socio-economic structure. We’ve got a representative democracy, freedom of religion, and a public educational system that purports to avoid indoctrination. [Read More...]

Pictures Are Back!

In the insane world of computers, the computer I’m using has decided to let me post pictures once again. So you will see them populate the site once more populated by photographs. [Read more...]

Puritan Reclamation Project: Sermon Titles

I’ve written already about the need for the resurfacing of Puritan nomenclature in modern society. Yet it strikes me that we need a parallel return to the sermon titling system of the Puritans. Why? Well, frankly, many sermons are dull when compared to those of the past. Sermon titles in the Puritan ages were themselves [Read More...]

The Rise of Materialism: A Relatively New Phenomenon

This past weekend, I contemplated my current economical standing and found it: impoverished. This was no surprise. It’s actually kind of fun being poor right now, because it makes for a forced ascetism punctuated by bursts of materialism (witness: Oakley sunglasses). I’ll blog on poverty later, but it struck me as I contemplated my poverty [Read More...]

How Christianity and Communism Are Alike

Had an interesting thought the other day. We’ve all heard much about how moderns have largely abandoned claims to absolute truth, to binding ideals, to a higher standard. It’s funny to think, then, that communism at its strongest form, its purest water, actually accords with Christianity in claiming its worldview as authoritative and true. In [Read More...]