Risk it: It’s Worth it, Baby!

It is good to risk and live with freeness in life. I’ve had this deeply impressed upon me in these past few years, with numerous decisions facing me and little clarity as to the exact path I should travel. Such circumstances trouble many, but I find them arresting. There is exhilaration in forging one’s way [Read More...]

Mrs. B. and Me: the Passing of Friends, Part Two

In the fall of 1999, I went off to Bowdoin, filled with emotion and hope, eager to tackle an expanded world. Mrs. Beaulieau stayed in Machias and continued teaching. This was a normal occurrence. Her contraction of cancer early in the fall was not. Seemingly before I noticed it, she had entered the hospital in [Read More...]

Mrs. B. & Me: The Passing of Friends, Part 1

It is a part of human experience that years after we meet a notable person, we remember them as if we knew them in the present. This is so with my deceased high school English teacher, Mrs. Faith Beaulieau. Mrs. Beaulieau was a special woman, the type of whom one rarely finds anywhere in great [Read More...]

Plato doesn’t like poets, but I do. I’m reading parts of the Republic for my history of philosophy class and am thus meeting the author’s disapprobation of poetry head-on. That’s okay, though. Plato’s a smart dude, and he’s often right, but he’s not right about everything. Through the character Socrates, esteemed the wisest man of [Read More...]


Cinderella Man

If you enjoy a good love story, you ought to check out the film Cinderella Man. No, it’s not in major theaters right now. It’s run its course there and is now, in cities, playing in the cheap theaters, where you can enjoy an old-fashioned tale of hard work, family bonds, and covenant love. The [Read More...]

College Rankings

It’s a fascinating phenomenon, the ranking of colleges. U.S. News & World Report has turned this phenomenon into a cash cow by publishing annually a ranking of the top American undergraduate institutions. What a distinctly American thing to do. We can’t just have a general assessment of where things are, like in other countries. For [Read More...]

Why it’s Weird to Be a Southern Baptist

I am from Maine. Born, bred, and steeped in Vacationland, as our license plates so eloquently sum up the homeland. I grew up in a Conservative Baptist church with little affiliation to outside bodies, and have since become a Southern Baptist. All of which is very interesting. Things that make being a Southern Baptist a [Read More...]

A Powerful Sermon on Religious Liberalism

One of the titanic figures of Southern Baptist history is a diminuitive man who packed a powerful pulpit punch. Wallie Amos Criswell, or W.A. as he came to be known, was for half a decade the pastor of Dallas’s First Baptist Church, one of the cornerstone churches of the Southern Baptist Convention. Interestingly, of all [Read More...]

Back to the Dugout With You, Frist

Those keeping an eye on political headlines recently will have seen the news that Bill Frist, Senate majority leader, is pondering a run for president in 2008. Frist is a talented man, with a medical degree, popularity among his peers, and ability to speak with eloquence and clarity. But a president, at least a president [Read More...]

A Powerful Video: “Can I Live”

I had heard some about rapper Nick Cannon’s “Can I Live” video recently in the press, but hadn’t seen the video until today. The video portrays an adult man, played by Nick Cannon, going back in time to talk to his mother, who is pregnant with Nick and contemplating an abortion. It’s a true story, [Read More...]