Leaning Hard on Evolution for Coherence

I had a long conversation today with some sharp ex-students regarding theology, cosmology, and epistemology (the study of God, the earth, and knowledge, respectively). We started out talking about the foundations for Christian thought, a discussion quickly taken over by one young man’s suggestion that Christianity is merely one idea of many that for certain [Read More...]

Twixters Part Two: Personal Thoughts

You might laugh at my portrayal of Twixters just blogged, but you ought not to do so, fair friend of the internet. You see, I went to school with the Twixter generation. Kids whose lives had been programmed from day one pressed through college until, like so many released doves, they flew from performance, blissful [Read More...]

Don’t Go Quite So Hard On Twixters, Part One

Much has been made recently of the Twixters, the band of twenty- and early thirtysomethings who flit through life, shuttling between jobs, homes, and relationships, never settling down, never embracing adulthood. There is much good in the call that has gone up to the Twixter generation to leave the trappings of youth. I’ve noticed, though, [Read More...]

Kairos Speaks Wisely

As reported in a recent edition of World magazine, the editorial board of the Kairos Journal, an excellent online resource for church leaders, recently wrote a precisely crafted letter to a number of prominent Christians who have endorsed a debt cancellation program for certain African nations. Best known among the recipients was megachurch pastor Rick [Read More...]

When Athletic Titans Fall

I just finished reading Michael Leahy’s fascinating When Nothing Else Matters, a two-year chronicle of basketball star Michael Jordan’s last two years of pro ball, spent in DC. I first heard about the book in my buddy Greg’s Yale Alumni Magazine, which highly commended it. Though I find little time these days to read about [Read More...]

Sharing Faith With Those Who Don’t Want it

It’s a cathartic experience, really. Fear, exhiliration, anticipation, dread all mixed up into one neat little ball, sitting in my stomach as I approach the mother of four. “Excuse, me Ma’am, could I give you some information about the church I attend?” Such a simple question. Seemingly harmless. And yet in this college town, the [Read More...]

The Reshaping of the Supreme Court

For young Americans interested in social issues, this in perhaps the defining moment of our lives. Everyone knows the effects of Roe v. Wade; we live with them like we do a disease inside us, its poison simultaneously killing us and rendering us helpless in its wake. Over thirty years passed, and millions upon millions [Read More...]

A Shorter Post (phew): No Pics

The last few blogs have gone long; I hope you’ve found them helpful. Deep issues require deep thinking. This one, however, is neither deep nor long. It’s just to tell my readership, all four of you, that I won’t be able to post pictures for awhile. The computer I’m now using simply won’t allow it. [Read More...]

Love it or Hate it: Rap’s Here to Stay, Part Two

Why do Christians place anyone in peril by outrightly rejecting rap? That might seem a bit alarmist, and it is (the whole preceding post is written under the influence of a heavy dose of glibness, so please note that; the whole matter is humorous to me, cause we evangelicals can make a huge deal of [Read More...]

Love It or Hate It: Rap’s Here to Stay

Contrary to what your average middle-aged classical music listener may wish, rap music is here for good. It rose up in the 80s as a mode of expressing urban anger and passion, migrated to the suburban middle class in the 90s, and now dominates the pop charts. Signifying its broad-based appeal, rappers collaborate with everyone [Read More...]