A Powerful Video: “Can I Live”

I had heard some about rapper Nick Cannon’s “Can I Live” video recently in the press, but hadn’t seen the video until today. The video portrays an adult man, played by Nick Cannon, going back in time to talk to his mother, who is pregnant with Nick and contemplating an abortion. It’s a true story, [Read More...]

On Flying

If you are a loyal consumed reader, then you’ve noticed that the posting has been sporadic of late. I’m predicting that this has caused you some distress, that you’ve perhaps had to retreat to a quiet place, maybe do some breathing exercises, perhaps consume massive amounts of food that is bad for you. I understand [Read More...]

On the Wedding of One’s Sister

I’ve now been a part of three weddings this summer. Let me say this right off. It’s a weird thing to have your close friends married off. There are numerous levels of weirdness to that event. Your friend, who you’ve goofed off with, cried with, argued with…married? Hitched? Tied up? Odd. All that pales, however, [Read More...]

When Opinions are Facts: New England’s Superiority, Part 1

I’ve now lived in the Mid-Atlantic states, the Midwest, and New England. I’ve visited Texas, Minnesota, and Florida. Through my various experiences, I feel that I am competent to make a judgment regarding the quality of New England. This judgment comes quickly to mind, with little reasoning necessary, and so I take comfort that Malcolm [Read More...]

Even in Reality, That’s Weird

Caught sight a few weeks ago of a fascinating tv program called Laguna Beach airing on MTV. The show, the latest creation from the lab of reality tv, blends drama and real life by choosing real Laguna Beach to teenagers to be filmed in both their normal routines and certain “dramatic situations.” For one who [Read More...]


I miss swimming. Growing up, swimming with synonomous with existing, or so I thought. You ate, you read books, you played tag, and you swam. That was the substance of childhood. In fact, from childhood-tinged glasses, it was the substance of summer life. Summer life was uncomplicated, and swimming, well, swimming was grand. As a [Read More...]

On Being Home

After six weeks in Louisville, and four in Evanston, Illinois, I’m now at home in Machias, Maine. It’s been a great summer for many reasons. Much growth has been had in the past few months, growth that only come from stretching oneself, trying new things, and generally experiencing the ups and downs of life as [Read More...]

A Moving Speech From…Baseball?!

American professional sports are not known for producing quotable masterpieces. Sure, there’s the occasional Yogi Berra, a man who bears a capacity for wit and wisdom that tugs at the general public. Far more common, however, is the athlete seemingly trained at the academy of the catch-phrase. You know the type. Their sagacity usually stems [Read More...]

It’s True: Reality TV is Fascinating

I admit it. I’ve always been a sucker for a good reality tv show. Not that there have been that many. MTV kicked the whole deal off with “The Real World,” which began airing in my junior high years. From the moment I first saw it, I was fascinated, and for a number of reasons. [Read More...]

A Song You Need to Hear; Or, Ode to the Summer Jam

If you enjoy good music, go to http://www.gotee.com/host.php and listen to the first song in the “player” that automatically cues up on the page loading. The song, “Love,” represents what hip-hop fans know as the “summer jam.” That’s slang for a “fun, upbeat, put-you-in-a-good-mood kind of song that only comes along once in a while.” [Read More...]