June 24, 2005

My librarian mother and literati father read often to me during my youth. One of my earliest joys as a child was having mom and dad read not one but two books before bedtime. Over the years, I developed an interest in history, reading about such things as the Civil War, colonial America, and so on. In my adulthood, this interest has driven me to biographies. In fact, I love reading biographies. Here’s why.1) Biographies are about people. People are… Read more

June 23, 2005

1) California Pizza Kitchen–the champion. Delectable, delightful, destructive.2) Freschetta Thin Crust– exquisite. Fatty, but delirshious.3) Digornio–Pretty solid. Good sauce. 4) Red Baron–Almost unthinkably fatty. 200& of your daily sat fat in a whole pizza. Good taste though.5) Tony’s–The dependable, cheap alternative. Tastes like it, too.Tonight, I will be sampling the delights of a Freschetta 5-cheese pizza. My mouth waters just thinking of my circular friend just waiting to be–dare it say it?–consumed. Read more

June 23, 2005

A picture of my friend Keegan (on the left) and myself a few hours before his wedding. The irony about this picture is that it is one of a very few pictures that have been published during our six-year friendship. We’re on some sort of FDR-type deal. You know there’s something like three pictures that survive of him in a wheelchair, don’t you? Anyway, the picture is from June 11, 2005, an awesome day for Keeg, Rachel, and all who… Read more

June 23, 2005

Man, this blogging thing is sweet. Stream of consciousness writing, to a public audience, with visions of improbable journalistic conquest–ah yes, the dream is alive and well here at Consumed. Thanks for being a part of this. Hopefully, we can keep it interesting. That’s all I’m seeking. Though, if you know of a high-paying periodical in hot pursuit of a exuberant twentysomething evangelical writer, hit me. How did I ignore this for so long? Read more

June 23, 2005

Have you ever noticed that in today’s age of class consciousness and liberal decrial of the monied class (who often are conservative, at least fiscally), one can subtly slam another by drawing attention to their wealth? Just happened to pass by the Weekly Standard and saw a headline alluding to GOP strategist Ralph Reed’s “lucrative” career. It may seem strange, but I think that in today’s age, a way to cast a shadow across another is to draw attention to… Read more

June 22, 2005

There’s something about driving 80 miles an hour at 4am in the morning that connects you with mortality. Driving back from the SBC this morning with Brad afforded just such an experience. For a few minutes, I rammed through the darkness in the Park Avenue, my pulse elevated even as my eyes threatened to close. How close, I thought, am I to death? Two seconds? Three? What does one experience in the flash of the moment? Do my friends know… Read more

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