Birth Control is Not The Answer

I’m gonna say this: the reason people don’t take pro-lifers seriously is because we don’t take ourselves seriously. Any pro-lifer who says or thinks that birth control lowers abortion rates has not done their research and isn’t 100% pro-life. The fact that pro-lifers refuse to say that to them is really mind blowing to me because if we believe that life begins at conception, then we are wrong to say it’s ok to end that life by birth control. The reason birth control packets say they don’t cause abortions is because the medical community considers life to begin at implantation. And that is how birth control works, it stops implantation of an already conceived embryo. Which already has all of his/her DNA structure and which we as pro-lifers should all believe is already a person. To deliberately end the life process at that point is immoral. But because we live in a culture that calls us extreme to state these facts about birth control that doesn’t lower abortion rates and 2. They can be abortifacients and 3. Birth control pills are class 1 carcinogen (meaning the cause cancer) then we just sit by and let fellow pro-lifers say stupid things like “well they should have been on birth control”. We excuse them and don’t confront them about the facts about birth control, because we are so focused on abortion in clinics. Well IMHO I think that the work has to start from within the movement. Kind of like the new Evangelization for Catholics. We need to talk about The Pill within the pro-life movement, not just to Catholics. But to anyone who calls themselves pro-life.

I think it’s time to put up or shut up, on so many levels. But mostly if you are going to fight for the unborn, it’s gotta be one heart at a time. And change will only come when we practice what we preach. The legalization of abortion started with the legalization of birth control and I think that the the end of abortion will begin with the end of this crazy idea that birth control is the answer to every health problem a woman has.

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