God Will Do Anything

It’s been a very long time since I have felt on fire for my faith. I love Jesus and I know He is real and that He is my savior. I know it in the same way that I can’t put into words. God is very good to me. Every day, He does something to show me that He loves me. However, life has been hard. Very hard. I feel like I’m living in a perpetual obstacle course and I’m so tired. 

I can honestly say that y’all’s donations, emails, word of encouragement and just all around love have lit that convert fire again. Though unlike last time, it’s not a feeling but a straight up sense of mission. It’s a knowledge of the fact that God made me for this particular time in history for a particular mission. I also am convinced that He will open the way for me to accomplish it. Beginning with giving me the best husband a crazy face like me could ask for. 

Honestly, I have to remember where I was 6 years ago frequently because I had no intention of ever living this life. I was positive that I knew for a fact I would never live according to the Catholics Church’s rules. Then I read a new age book by Echart Tolle and it created this thirst in me for truth. One line in that book about what sin is sparked something. That was actually 8 years ago. Now look at me. You just never know what God is doing and He moves fast when He gets an opening. If people judged me by my actions, they would never believe that I follow Jesus. Especially those I flip off in traffic. We are all sinners, we all fail to put action behind our faith, that’s why we go to confession. None of us are better than anyone else. We are all sinners and it’s only by the Grace of God that some of us know we are in need of a Savior and know that Savior personally.

God loves us, if nothing about that makes sense to you, just ask Him to prove it to you. The one thing He loves to do is to show His people how much He loves us. He will do anything to prove it. Trust me. He has done amazing things for me. Give Him a chance. 

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