Book Review: The Peace of Christmas, Quiet Reflections from Pope Francis



If you are like me, this short Advent doesn’t seem like it is enough time. I don’t really know what I need more time for but I just feel like I need it. This is a very short Advent so I have already failed at most of it. I have done a great job at staying out of the busyness of secular Christmas with all the hustle and bustle that makes it difficult to be Catholic during Advent while everyone else is rushing around trying to find the right gift, going to parties and stressed out to the max.

But I still haven’t really felt like I’ve connected with God. On some level, I have and in a totally different way that I have in past Advents. This Advent is difficult for me. I feel connected to Mary and Joseph’s struggle as they migrate to safety in order to give birth to God. I just know that I am going to need more.

And then this cute little book landed in my lap to review. The Peace of Christmas, Quiet Reflections from Pope Francis by Diane M. Houdek is exactly what I need during this Christmas season following such a short Advent. What I love the most about these types of books is that the reflections are little chunks at a time. My brain is still not really able to take in a lot of information or theology so the little reflections are so helpful. Pope Francis is really so good at speaking clear wisdom in a paragraph in my opinion so this is perfect.

If you are like me and want a little more reflection time after Advent and into Christmas, this little book is perfect for you. It may even easier to have reflective time during Christmas when the outside world is finally settled down from the traffic, Christmas parties, and shopping.

God bless ya’ll this Advent and Merry Christmas.

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