Conversations With Peter Mulvey: The Empathetic Artist

When I began playing shows at Marquette University, few Milwaukee artists were making things happen on a national level. Peter Mulvey, who is ten years older, had the label, the records, the tour dates and artist collaborations to inspire any budding musician. Over the last ten years, Peter and my paths have crossed multiple times, recently, recording a cover for my Three Days EP (included below). Peter’s songwriting, voice and technical skill are second only to his heart and humanity…. Read more

Conversations With Tom Shillue: The Comedian With A Slow Punch

Growing up in Norwood, Massachusetts, Tom Shillue was a funny kid with a passion for the story. It wasn’t until his high school superintendent made him sign a contract to attend college, that Tom’s colorful course began to unfold.  After taking a year off, Tom attended Emerson College to purse a career in entertainment.  It was there that his true passion for storytelling was realized.  Tom loved the story, just as much as the punchline.  It was his attention to… Read more

Conversations With Bishop Donald Hying: How To Have Faith, How To Be A Bishop And, Of Course … Music

Anyone who has moved to a new city alone knows you need to think positive and have an open disposition. But what does it take to be alone in a new city and in charge … as bishop?! Feet firm on the ground, a head floating in the heavens, a heart in search of others, a sense of humor and apparently an appetite. Mike sits with his Milwaukee friend and newly named bishop of Gary, Ind., Bishop Donald Hying, to talk about… Read more

Conversations With Matisyahu: The Hasidic Jewish Reggae Star Who Wants To Build You A Home

When Matisyahu came onto the scene people took notice. A Hasidic Jew, dressed in a black suit, broad brim hat, beard and glasses, and singing reggae music will turn a few heads. But it was the quality of his music, reverence for his craft and sincerity for his faith that has sustained this international pop/reggae star for the past decade. As another artist of strong faith, Mike and Matis share common ground and discussed the possibility of music’s transcendent power… Read more

Conversations With Bo Ramsey: Music, Performance, Transcendence, Communion, The Blues and Taking Them To Church

We all have that person in our lives who exemplifies the work we do. For me, one of them is Bo Ramsey. Bo is a guitarist and producer. Bo is a bluesman. Bo is sincere, honest, and musically pure. He is tone, he is style, he is taste, he is skill, he’s a man of few notes and fewer words … Bo is music and mystery. The moment I shared a stage with Bo back in 2008 I became a… Read more

Conversations With Jeannie & Jim Gaffigan: J & J Gaffigan-A Family Company

What could possibly demand the attention of Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan more than their intensely busy career?…Their marriage and family of course.  Before a show in Milwaukee, WI, Mike sat with the couple to discuss marriage, faith and the work that has made them one of the most beloved and successful couples in comedy.  The take away… Its ok to be a bit of a mess, it’s ok not to have it all figured out and that family is good! Join Mike as he enters into the nonstop and crazy… Read more

Conversations With A.J Ellis: The Humble Man In The Big Leagues

  As a college baseball player, A.J Ellis never thought he would make it to the major leagues. When invited to play with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ellis was both grateful and surprised. He knew he would have to work hard to make the most out of his opportunity while remaining completely open to what baseball had in store for him. Now, after eight seasons with the Dodgers, Ellis sees himself not as a MLB star but rather a servant… Read more

Conversations With Victor DeLorenzo: A Violent Femme At Peace

When Victor DeLorenzo began his artistic journey in Milwaukee, WI, it was to literally fill the shoes of budding actor Willem Dafoe. But when forming his band, The Violent Femmes, innovation, practicality and mobility inspired Victor to forge new ground and develop the bare bones “bastardized” style of drumming that put he and the Femmes on the map. The result was iconic music that not only touched a nerve but grabbed it, and forced it’s devotion to a whole new… Read more

Conversations with Sean Moeller: Building A Rock Island In The Sea Of The Touring Highway

In the early 2000s the music industry was changing rapidly. While most desperately clung to an old school model that was evaporating in their hands, Sean Moeller embraced the power of the web and created Daytrotter: a website platform showcasing recording sessions from his humble analog studio in Rock Island, IL. Being positioned between major markets, Sean began inviting touring bands to his studio to record during the day while passing through. A few agreed. Their sessions were stellar and… Read more

Conversations With Slug of Atmosphere: Curator of the Purple Lining

What do you do when you want to be a hip-hop star and you live in Minneapolis?  You build your own sandbox and make the players come to you.  This is what Sean Daley, better known as Slug of the hip-hop group Atmosphere, did … and what a sandbox he has built!  Twenty-one years later his label is stronger than ever, he is a major headlining act, and on the dawn of his 10th studio release.  Few can say they are… Read more

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