The Impotence of Proofreading

Having just finished a book (have I told you that, yet?), I keep getting told by people about mistakes in the manuscript. Then I was directed to this gem by Taylor Mali, a poet whom Chris Seay first told me about years ago.

YouTube Preview Image

  • http://flyministry.blogspot.com Jeff Moulton

    Horribly funny. I had to send that to my wife (the English graduate)….

  • http://www.towardshope.typepad.com John santic

    That is too funny, thanks for posting, I’ll have to link to it.

  • http://www.thriven.org jonathanbrink

    Very Nice.

  • http://life-inmotion.com Jeff

    That’s great. I’m actually procrastinating on finishing a paper for school right now. I think I’ll proofread…

  • http://mattwiebe.com Matt Wiebe


  • http://www.knightopia.com/journal Steve K.

    Spank you, Tony. Spank you very much.

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  • joelkurz

    i love that guy…thanks for the post

  • Ryan

    I am sorry if I break your funny bone, but perhaps this is a bit embarrassing to the Christian community.

    I will save my criticism out of respect I have for you, but I urge you to consider more carefully what content you place on your website.

    Thanks, Tony.

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