10 Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier

HERE’S an address I gave at Whitworth University last November — it’s “10 Dispatches” from the Emergent Church, and it’ll give you a little taste of the stuff that’s in the BOOK.

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  • Nice! I was completely ticked off with my almost two year old a couple weeks ago; he got a hold of my notebook and absolutely tore up to little tiny pieces my notes on your ten dispatches!

    My wife was all relieved it wasn’t my work notebook … and I was like, what, I’m gonna reread my CE Board notes again?!?

  • Thanks for this, Tony.

    This is a beautiful summation of issues with which we all should be honestly wrestling.

    I’m going to be insisting that your book be required reading for me and my friends as we work toward building a church community together in the near future.

  • Seth

    What did the church sign say? You mention one in the lecture but don’t read it. (You’re talking about evangelicalism) Can you post the picture or the quote?

  • To follow Seth’s question, can you make the video available also, or is it online somewhere that can be linked to?

    I thought the lecture was concise (relatively) and well presented – thanks for posting it, I found it really helpful in understanding the conversation.