Time for a Mac?

Cuz the Gateway is GONE.

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  • So sorry to hear this news…! That is a bummer.

  • Was that in Edina?!? Gosh, that sucks dude! Sorry to hear…

  • Ugh man —- that really sucks. Yah, I think it might be time for a Mac, but….that still really sucks(!)

  • Did you have it backed up? That sucks!!! And yes, you should get a mac

  • OUCH!

  • If that isn’t a sign from God, I don’t know what is!


  • dude, that sucks. BUT anytime is a good time for a mac. you had it backed up though…right?

  • Charlie

    Come on down tomorrow, I gots it waiting for ya!

  • Yes. Perhaps you can cover that hole with a giant apple window decal.

  • Sorry, dude. I’ve been there, and it is infuriating.

  • anniebullock

    holy crap! wow. that sucks, dude.

  • thepriesthood

    “the thief comes to steal and kill, but I have come that you might get a Mac, and live more abundantly.”

  • A few observations . . .
    1) “sucks” is a great word.
    2) Yes, it is time for a Mac.

  • Let me be the first to say that sucks.

    Seriously, get your Mac on.


  • Clearly God is punishing you. That or some jerk just proved, once again, that we live in a fallen world and it rains on the just and unjust. In honor of our KJV friends, That Sucketh!

  • Wow man, that sucks. I have been there a couple of times, but have been lucky to never lose a computer.

    It isn’t so much the monetary value, as it is the information. I hope you were backing up your hard drive like a good laptop user.

    If so, you could borrow a PC to dump everything onto — then the Apple genius will move all of your files over when you buy your MacBook. 🙂 Then you can get the Time Capsule, and back up wirelessly to the 1TB hard drive.

    Join us Tony, come to the Mac-side. It is a magnificent place of joyness!


  • Nick

    I hate to be like this but I don’t see what the fuss is about a mac. I have one. It is a computer. The real shame is that you lost yours (Well, you didn’t really lose it, it was taken off your hands so to speak). To say that sucks is such an understatement, you could even say it blows! Sorry man

  • Nick

    And your car, that sucks too!!!

  • Oh Man, that is just terrible. At least you and the family are alright. In the end that is what matters.

    I am not sure if a Mac is a good choice though. I know, I am the only one on the blog who dare say that.

  • Dude, don’t let your despair at the vandalism to your car and the theft of your computer lead your into further darkness … a Mac is not the answer. Wait until your head clears, don’t let your emotional first response lock you into something for years to come!

    And whatever you get, leave it UNDER the seat next time!

  • Andy

    Was the hole in the window from throwing the Gateway? Was this really PC rage?

  • Tony Arens

    That’s a drag. Happened to me too many times – I leave my doors open now so they don’t break the windows.

    Forget about computers – Time to dump the mini-van and upgrade to 4×4 baby!

  • Crap! Computer aside getting the van broken into is just so wrong. Even when nothing is taken you feel violated.

    Another vote for a Mac. But be prepared for more people to try and break into your van if they see it!

  • Well that sucks! Here’s another vote that you jump on the mac train and begin to proselytize like the rest of us do.

  • I guess that’s what happens when you throw the computer through the car window. Don’t get a Mac – go Linux.

  • Tony,
    So sorry that you lost your laptop. Terribly sad.

    I thought about getting a Mac (which it seems all the students at Duke have) in December but decided I didn’t want to learn a new system.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my new Lenovo ThinkPad T61 – Intel Core Duo processor T7300, 2.0GHz, 2 gigabytes RAM, 14.1″ WXGA, 120 gigabyte hard drive – $1369.00.

    I was buying at the Duke University Computer Store because they give big warranties to Duke students.

    I was also considering the

    MacBook Pro 15 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, 2 gigabytes RAM, 120 gigabyte hard drive

    Both are good choices but you travel a ton so you might want to do something lighter and smaller.

  • Chris Enstad

    Looks like someone is deconstructing the idea of “window” and “lock” and “possession”.

    In all seriousness many condolences and if you get the MacAir I would love to see it.


    p.s. Charlie does indeed have the good stuff at the Southdale Apple Store.

  • D. Andrew Fetters

    Once you go mac you never go back. It is one way we know God is moving in the world….ENJOY!

  • baconlove

    Any time is a good time for a MAC

    i do find it hilarious that you are a normal guy, so obviously middle class America, going to Disney, Monster Truck shows, driving a mini-van and now considering a MAC.

    I am not sure what kind of lifestyle I imagined you living, but it wasnt that..

  • I fretted about learning a new OS with a mac but took the plunge and found most of my concerns were unwarranted.

    The challenge with a mac purchase is not getting caught up in wow-factors. Be patient, customize a variety of models, and put a cap on your budget for it.

    Tripp was trying to sell me on the black. I got the white with the same RAM and more memory than the black, plus iWorks 08, and saved $170.00…had I gone with the black.

    I’m skeptical of the Air-Book. It looks like a big matzah cracker just waiting to snap.

    Good luck…hope insurance doesn’t screw you on the window repair.

  • I think mac’s are overweighted. Back in the day things were different and there were valid arguments to getting a mac over a pc, usually if you worked in graphic arts or a/v. Nowaday’s those arguments are mute and you’re really only paying an extra 30-40% for some mac ‘bling.’

    If you really want to be a cowboy go linux! Ubuntu is a good distro to start with.

  • ehhh… meant to say ‘overrated’… time to go home 🙂

  • Sorry that happened to you… not only do you have to deal with losing your laptop – hopefully you had a backup, but then have to get your van fixed.

    Hopefully you have good auto insurance.

  • i’m kind of disappointed that it took something this extreme to get you seriously considering a mac. i’m sure there were small signs along the way. 🙂