Filming with Trucker Frank

In the book, there’s a mini-chapter about an excellent dude, Trucker Frank, who goes to Solomon’s Porch every other week.  Thanks to the beneficence of Jossey-Bass, I drove Frank’s route with him a week ago and we filmed a bunch of it for some YouTube videos.  Today we wrap up the filming with a couple more interviews.  The first of the videos should be ready in early March.

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  • Carl Holmes

    We all need to know a trucker Frank in our life times. Sounds like a great guy and wise beyond his years.

    Just finished the book. It was great!

  • Len

    That’s going to be awesome. just finished that section, should finish the book this week.

  • Trucker Frank

    Thanks for the wise beyond my years comment. Careful editing by Ben Myrick eliminated the “senile old fart” image that I project in person. :p