Before They Tried to Escort Him from the Store…

…Pagitt illegally took a picture at our local Barnes & Noble.

And, surprise surprise, the “Christian” bookstore across the street said they’d never heard of the book. When they looked it up on their computer it said “available 3/31” and “discontinued.”

[UPDATE: Jeromy imagines what happened next…]

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  • That was the same problem I had when buying the book. Family Christian Book Stores said they did not have the book nor an expected release date. I walked across to Barnes and Noble and bought my copy. The salesman even said “Wow, I have sold quite a few of these this week”.

    Hmm…makes one wonder.

  • talk with your publicist – you oughta use that pic on your next book.

    edgy, like the love child of the Unabomber, Marge Gunderson and Turtle from Entourage

    only suggestions – get marko to help you with his hair stylist

  • this will make a great story to put into the next book.

  • Why would they get mad at someone taking a photo in a book store?

  • This could make for a conspiracy story tale. You know, Christian author asks about release date of Christian book in a Christian bookstore and Christian bookstore employee says, “that’s weird, I’m looking at the alphabetical list of authors here and both the J and P sections seems to be missing a file.

    The Christian author then asks, “Has this ever happened before?”.

    “It happened once before with some guy named McLassen, McAreson or something like that.” the employee responds.

    “You mean McLaren?” the author asks.

    “That’s it!” the employee exclaims. “How did you know? Is that some kind of spiritual gift or something?”

    Author ingnores question and asks, “Do you have any idea where these missing files end up?”

    The Christian bookstore employee looks over his shoulder to see that the manager isn’t looking and then points to a small, fortified steel container located behind the counter.

    “It goes in the burn box,” he says. “All the files in there are D.F.A.”

    “DFA? What does that mean?” asks the curious Christian author.

    “Designated for annihilation”.

    The Christian author gulps, attempts a smile, and quickly exits, pretending to look over the Christian calendars featuring Sweedish Jesus on the way out.

  • Darren –

    ::trying to type a response but I’m crying from laughing so hard::

    member of the <a href=””March 19 – Five Years of War – Blogswarm

  • Tony,

    Greg, the youth pastor at my church had this to say about the recent youtube interview with that dude from Master’s Seminary. Thoughts?

    We all know there’s no easy answer here…reason being, every theological particular (our stand on head-coverings for instance) partakes of a whole system, a universal cohesion that leads one contingency to the conclusion of another. I honestly feel like this conversation would need to back the question up to be fruitful, that is, the bigger systematic issues must be dealt with first (hermeneutical principals, inspiration, exegetical method, ect) before we can have a healthy discussion about nuances. WHY? Well, because these type of discussions need to be dealt with on exegetical grounds. But how does one do exegesis? Exactly. And that’s why I would be very careful not to step into the lions den with TJones without first defining terms.

    Allow me to also say that it is certainly easier to be in TJs seat, the seat of critique, than it is ito provide positive/constructive answers for what one believes. Why does TJ not carry the burden of proof. Well, he’s pomo, he’s the interviewer, he doesn’t have to, and he’s already arrived at his conclusions from the standpoint of his worldview. This may sound harsh, but if the one providing critique is to feel the weight of their own conclusions, then the starting point must be reversed. Why do we assume, for instance, that TJ and MAC-Boy are on the same page at all? They most certainly are not. If they are on to achieve any balance here, they must FIRST agree on how these debates will be settled and this requires going backwards a few steps to find out what both men believe about God, the Bible, knowledge, how you get it, and how you correct yourself if you’re found lacking in your views.

  • WhOA! dats awesome! has dat happened before?

  • Nice Picture. Did you hold B&N up at gun point shortly thereafter?

  • Seems like the publishing world is something like the music industry. Maybe in that moment you were an indie rock band with folk country influences walking into a record store specializing in elevator music.

  • i thought you were eddie vedder for a second.

  • Maybe because it’s not a Christian book….

  • Nikki

    To clarify, I worked at said Christian book store for several years. Yes, they are Christians there (pretty great people, in fact), and yes they do carry your new book (just looked it up on their site). A lot of it, too.

    The “discontinued” answer you got has to do with a very confusing field that shows up on their search screen…probably a new employee, too. 🙂