I think that’s going to be my working title from now on.  Saying I’m a “theologian” is so hoity-toity.  So here it is, my new business card:

Tony Jones, Ecclesiologist

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  • How about changing your first name to Emergent? Then you can be “Emergent Jones: Ecclesiologist.”

  • Gesundheit

  • Crap. I was hoping be the person to make the term a theologically and professionally viable title. Looks like you beat me to it. But I think it fits. Ecclesiology is where it’s at.

  • well, if the emergent thing doesn’t work out, then you might be in a sticky situation because doesn’t have a category for ecclesiologists.

  • traci

    because ‘ecclesiologist’ doesn’t sound hoity-toity? 😉

  • I like the reply to number 1, but I would add (if I may be so bold)

    Emergent Smurf, Ecclesiologist

  • I’m thinking about adopting the term “Controversialist” for myself. What do you think?

  • How about: “Ecclesiological Systems Technician”.

    Of course, its much hipper with k’s, dude.

    “Ekklesioligical Systems Teknician”

  • Tony aka Ecclesiologist aka Captain Church,

    If you have time, I’d love to hear a quick response to this brief analysis of Emergent:

    Or if you could point to a place where these critiques have already been responded to.


    PS I like your idea, but I kind of agree with traci. If you want to avoid hoiti-toitiness, just call yourself ‘church-boy’ 🙂

  • Tony Jones, Ecclesiologist and Ferrel Camel extrordinare.

  • michaeloneillburns

    very (very) good call.

  • Dear soon to be Dr. Ecclesiologist, (that sounds VERY hoity to me)

    I’ve been reading your latest book and was wondering where I could get a copy of Brad Cecil’s famous powerpoint.

    Can you help me get a copy?

  • I am also VERY interested in a obtaining a copy of Brad Cecil’s famous powerpoint. Thanks for your stewardship with this…