Steve Brown, Etc.

I’ll be live on Steve Brown, Etc., live today from noon-1pm EDT. You can listen live and call in if you want. Then it will be replayed on Sirius all weekend.

[UPDATE: Here’s the show.]

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  • Hey man,

    Listened to the show. Dude, you’re making sense, but you’re, like Mohler or Sproul or those other guys, making a career and living out of your bona fides – degrees, writings, activities – as a religious professional.

    How is the Emergent Movement more grassroots than those folks who still meet for Sunday School at the now affluent, PCA-boutique church my wife and I recently left – those brothers and sisters whose utterances around the fellowship hall folding tables serve to affirm that they are the elect, a believing remnant faithfully confessing Westminster and hewing to Republican values in a bewildering maelstrom of skeptical pluralism?

    What I mean by that is how can an “Emergent Movement” that is “led” by religious professionals who engage in the same sorts of activities as those religious professionals who regard them as nearly heretical result in an outcome that is, in the long term, markedly different from what institutionally passes for the church today?



  • I am struck at how we want to know what hill someone will die upon? We assume that we are to trade our human lives for an objective outside idea. Even Jesus, who demonstrated the superlative of love by giving “his life up for his friends,” chose not to give his life in defense of the idea of his deity when the devil asked him to throw himself down from the pinnacle of the temple.

    Platonism led to centuries of war traded for truth. And yet Jesus crushed the hopes of the zealots for such a war and spoke to Peter to sheath his own sword.

  • AWESOME interview,great radio show!!!Loved listening to it.You didn’t back down and he didn’t either,but you both respected one another,great sportsmanship!!!The Warrior spirit lives on….Be sure to visit to visit my podcasts at on audio)!!!