On the Road with Trucker Frank – Webisode 3


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The Writing Life
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Would John Piper Excommunicate His Son?

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  • Ben

    Enjoying these vids, are there more to come?

  • Chris

    Good stuff but not necessarily po-mo is it? These arguments have been happening for decades if not centuries.

  • Nice product placement, Tony: “the memo, that’s in The Book…”

    And a proud moment for me, as I realized that Trucker Frank and I have the same hat. I shall (continue to) wear it with (even more) pride.

  • This is a great episode! The Carhardt jacket… not necessarily a post-modern look! Christian bookstores personally drive me nuts. I guess there’s just something unsettling about paying a 53% margin on a paperback and Jesus refrigerator magnet… but then again, that’s just me.

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  • Great stuff!!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TONEY…

  • The videos get better and better. Shit GREAT word. Express your self and know that it is ok to speak your heart. Isn’t that what God asked us to do. Reach out of the bubble.

  • Trucker Frank

    After viewing the finished videos and enduring the razzing of a friend of mine in California, who likened my goatee to a “soupcatcher”, I’ve trimmed the thing back to a short goat. It was either that or go to a French Fork. Beards forever!