Which Beard?

Because I’m going back in time and becoming a 1908 revivalist in a month, I’ve been growing out my beard.

Facial hair was all the rage in 1908.  Now the question is, which style to choose?  Personally, I’m leaning toward the Franz Joseph.

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  • I never knew what I wore. Now I know it is a La Souvarov. Come to the dark side Dude!!!

  • Definitely the friendly mutton chops

  • now the Napolean III… that’s what you call a “soul patch” with attitude!

  • I do find it funny that based on the Road Show tour, we here in Grand Rapids are considered to be on the “East Coast.”

  • tjelite007

    Dude you totally have to go with the French Fork!

  • The chin curtain is killer.

  • I’d have to go with the Hulihee. Though it might need its own room.

  • If you can work up the handlebars in a month, I’d vote for the ‘Handlebar and Chin Puff’. But I had a ‘Chin Curtain’ for a week, and found it really comfortable– the style aided in gustation, and it wasn’t too hot.

  • French Fork…definitely.

    To Bad you do not have enough time.

  • Definitely the Napolean, minus the mustache. We call that the molestache in Murfreesboro. Grow it out real long and then braid it so it looks like someone grew a tower on your chin. I know a guy who has one and it makes him super-cool. But then again facial hair is a real hassle…

  • Tony Jones = Handlebar and Chin Puff

    Doug Pagitt = Chin Curtain

    Mark Scandrette = Friendly Mutton Chops OR Hulihee

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Dude…go with the Balbo…it will go nice with your cheekbones and your wife may still want to kiss you.

  • Len

    Handle Bar and Chin Puff would make you look like Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

  • Ian

    Dude. Either Hulihee or Van Dyke.

    For obvious reasons — Ian

  • Sam

    Go with the chin curtain!

  • Franz all the way.

  • napoleon 3 all the way!


  • mutton chops please!!!

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  • I vote for “friendly mutton chops.” By the way, why are they friendlier than regular chops?

  • Trucker Frank

    The “thing” I wore in the vids was referred to as a “soupcurtain” by a friend, so it has been shortened and the mustache crawled back on my upper lip. I let the goat get out of hand when I found out Doug P’s soul patch is as long as it gets. We had to show him up! Beard envy.

  • I must say that, while all of the above beards are quite enticing, only one is actually deserving of being called a beard – the short, boxed beard. Tony, for goodness sake! You’re from Minnesota!! Could you really get up the guts to visit Lake Woebegone sporting any other beard? I don’t think so. Garrison Keillor would not be happy.

  • Theresa

    Balbo or a La Souvarov for sure

  • Tony,

    As a beard wear-er for over 30 years, I must agree with Andrew, the short boxed beard is really the only “beard” in the list … although, I’ve recently toyed with the idea of something akin to the hollywoodian or the balbo, but there’s something about leaving these Scandinavian cheeks completely exposed that keeps me from going that route.

    Check out my blog: building-for-the-master.blogspot.com for a profile of the short boxed.

  • Gail

    The Hulihee guy is looking way too much like a mustachioed Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria to me.
    The Handlebar would work if you wanted to be a villian tying Pauline to the railroad tracks.
    1908 revivalist? I say Balbo or VanDyke.

  • I wear a modified chin curtain myself. You never go wrong with Amish chic.

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