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  • I love these. As soon as I get some extra money, (which could be a while as my wife and I are expecting our first child any day now) I am going to buy your book.

  • Colin


    I watched the video this morning and have a couple of thoughts. In some sense I resonate with the conversation, but I am hesitant in other ways (I imagine you might agree with me).

    My first church was a conservative Baptist church, I then left for a non-denominational fundamentalist Reformed church. The Baptists had no issue with conservative theologians and started to model their church in a slightly consumer oriented manner. By the time I left to become a fundamentalist I had mostly become an ass, questioning my church for not using the KJV, not being reformed enough, too much reliance on theologians and not enough on the bible, and being kind of corny (I still think they are kind of corny, but I am learning to find some redemptive quality in kitsch). The fundamentalists were mostly KJV only, had extremely long (and boring and pointless for the most part) sermons and services, sang old hymns, and the whole bit. Lots of yelling and sweating (no snakes, though). I still feel bad about leaving my Baptist friends for this church (which I never connected with despite my efforts).

    The fundies hated seminaries and seminarians and heavily distrusted anyone who attended one as having learned a perverted gospel from a corrupted bible taught by liberal theologians (note: even the most conservative modern theologians were too liberal for these with a strong taste for puritanical methods of thought) who wanted to obscure the deity of Christ and teach salvation by some other method.

    Basically what I am saying is that there are two sides to the coin, and I see anti-intellectualism as a close cousin to the truckin’ pastor’s statement about seminaries. The key ingredient as I can see it is a proper view of the self as interpreter of scripture, namely as you call it a hermeneutic of humility that points to our flawed interpretations, which I do think the truckin’ pastor exhibited.

    Great series! I have enjoyed very much hearing what Frank has had to say.


  • Rob

    Love the clips, man. Keep ’em coming. And the intro bit is cool too.

  • Colin

    Sorry, I reread that message and I feel like I was being uncharitable. I am sorry for my bitterness.

  • twins fell to the jays tonight.. tony, I’m sorry. really.

    oh, and thanks so much for these. they are sparking some great conversations

  • Trucker Frank

    Keith if you still do not have a copy of the book email me with your address and I’ll ship you one no charge. boromeus@gmail.com
    Trucker Frank

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  • Christopher Johnson

    Tony, isn’t there a place for the person who dedicates their life to learning and teaching others? I know seminary education needs to be reformed but sometimes I hear you saying get rid of the seminary? Isn’t that throwing the baby out with the bath water? And to further extrapolate that don’t we need pastors that will dedicate their lives to learning and not be encumbered with the stress of both looking to keep a job to support their family and trying to study the text while being in conversation with others then bringing it back to the people in the community?
    Just some thoughts…